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How long did you expect a character to live part 4 Larry

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Part 4 How long did you expect Larry to live when you first met him and why? When I found out Larry had a heart problem, I didn't think he'd last long. Did you think he would last longer than he did? Pick from the options above, you know the drill. Feel free to leave your opinion.
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  • I dident expect him to live long at all, however I wanted him to live through the entire series.
  • I thought he'd die before Lilly, and I expected Lilly to die episode 4, so I expected about episode 3. Smashing his head in with a salt lick definitely was not on my 'to do' list.
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    larry at least 3 episode.
    carley at least 4 episode.
    mark at least 3 episode.
  • I thought he'd die sometime in Episode 4, and that I would be the one to have to kill him. Well, I was partially right.
  • I actually thought that when Larry had a heart attack at the drugstore, he'd die right there because at that time, I thought we would have the option to not look for meds and let Larry die or look for meds and save his life. I frankly wanted to just let him die right there, but I didn't know that you turn into a walker no matter how you die.
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