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Issues with Walking Dead disc glitches

posted by DoctorShades24 on - last edited - Viewed by 26K users
Just bought the Walking Dead on disc. This game glitches so much that I cannot play it. I need a work around or I need a refund.
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  • Wow, that was unexpected... glad TTG responded to this packaged disc issue!

    Now if only they'd respond to the corrupted saves problem... but I digress.

    Do you need an Xbox Live Gold account to redeem codes for digital downloads? Or are regular Live accounts sufficient?

    The TTG form also fails to ask gamers to specify their locale/geography. XboxLive is pretty fragmented (especially in the EU) - how are they going to give codes that work for gamers' accounts if TTG doesn't ask for confirmation on the geography? A single Xbox can be used within numerous geographies that are covered by separate Xbox Live regions. (a Eurogamer report said the game was available in Europe... not really sure if it ever made its way out there)

    Also, it's a pretty wide industry statistic that only about half of current-gen consoles are networked (used online with any degree of frequency). Should be interesting to see if this fix works for the customers who sought out the packaged disc version due to their home network options.
  • That official statement is a bold faced lie. I own a 250 gig. How many others can call out this BS?
  • I also don't have a 4 gig slim 360. Mine is an old blocky Arcade. But I have the lag issue big time. So yeah, not just the 4gig slim models...
  • DjNDB;759500 said:
    There's an official statement now for users with stuttering issues playing from the disc.
    I've read the instructions on how to obtain a code to download this game. I have to say that is quite unsatisfactory. Why should I have to waste my time finding a place to print out the document, take pictures of information I do not want to reveal, and other general jumping through hoopery? Why am I being punished?

    Telltale, is this the best you got? A lame workaround? I can understand it if it is only a stop gap measure to appease the angry horde. But please say that there are other options in the making. That you are not giving up with that as a solution.

    Will there be patch for this? Please reply, yes or no at least. If yes when can it be expected?
  • I just wanted to chime in & say I'm having the same problem. I just bought a hard copy of the game for Xbox and the game stutters, lags, and freezes in the first episode, so bad that it's literally unplayable. Hope they fix this soon. I own a 2010 4GB console.
  • I've played through and beat the whole game. BUT! It was VERY aggravating because it glitched and lagged so bad. I wonder what TellTale plans on doing about this. I can't take my game back and if I could they would only replace it with the same exact game... Which obviously doesn't work.
  • I just purchased the walking dead game and it is not letting me do any episode except episode one. I either need you guys to find a way to fix this problem or give me a refund on the game because I didn't pay $30 for one episode. Contact me ASAP
  • I put my old xbox 360 hard drive into my xbox 360 slim,it really easy to do,You can get one a lot cheaper than the 250GB HD.

    Here is a video about it.

    I have 120GB in mine..;)
  • I rented the walking dead game from a redbox, perfect condition, had every episode installed. and when i tried to play ep.2,its started me right beck to the first friggin episode! :mad: :( :confused:
  • Hi I just bought the walking dead game today , and was very excited about playing it until I unfortunately ran into the same exact problems with the freezes and glitches during action scenes! It makes it not worth your while to get into the game when you already know its gonna happen. Is or has this problem been resolved?

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