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After a small decision on another thread of mine with Rock114 about Lee cutting off his arm and making hand puns it got me thinking. Whilst playing the game did you ever make jokes or were you more serious? If you did make jokes whilst playing what episodes were they, what were the characters doing and what was the joke?
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  • All your family are dead, all your friends dead, you can die anytime, the only person whom you love, dies... Who the fuck cares about that? Let's make jokes!
  • I laughed at things in-game that were meant to be funny, but no not really making jokes. I did however have a laugh at Mark the second time playing because of some of the foreshadowing he says.

    "Yeah, but if you hadn't I'd probably BE food by now."

    "The guys a walking pile-driver, I know I wouldn't want to be locked in a room with him." (About Larry)
  • Friend: Guess we're going Duck hunting.

    Me: Too soon....
  • While I was playing the game I was very much in the story, but playing through it a second time and I'm happy to make jokes throughout most of it. It's mainly extremely observational stuff, for example I find it hilarious how many times people apparently forget that noise attracts zombies, and similarly found it hilarious when I realized how selfish Glen's actions are throughout the first episode (getting stuck and endangering Lee and Carley over a woman he apparently fancies who, it must be highlighted, could have saved us all that effort by just telling him she was bitten, and taking the only working car they had for a journey to Georgia).
  • I was rather serious, although sarcastic (You don't say etc.) and I laughed at parts that were meant to be funny, but to be honest, in the more emotional scenes you coulda told me the best fucking joke there is on the world and I w/c-ould not have laughed immediately.
  • Most of my jokes were on the second playthrough, actually. In the first one, I was too busy partially dying inside every time something happened to the group. Although, during conversations when things were relatively calm, I'd say very sarcastic things to my monitor.
  • Wanna know who begs for help after asking to be dropped? Ben xD Oh lord every time someone drops him it is hilarious. "Agh, Lee please, gragh."
  • Oh my god... you killed Kenny... YOU Basterds
  • Coming from Florida is not an excuse to say dumb shit, Kenny.
  • I thought it was funny how Shawn and Duck got attacked.
    Minding their own business when all of a sudden teleporting walkers at the fence while duck instantly drives over Shawn's leg.
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