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How would larry have faired in ricks group.

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Thought about it and I figured shane would murdered him shortly before he became too permanent but he's shown he can have charm fly out of his ass when the situation warrants it.
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  • Yeah they wouldn't put up with him for long. Rick has had people like Larry in his group before and he does whatever needed to keep people in line.
  • Shot by Rick, I suspect. I mean, he has killed men for less.
  • He had either contributed to the group and the greater good, or been disposed of. That's basically how it goes in Rick's group, if you're not a woman or kid that is... he's got that much decency at least.
  • If he managed to make it that far, he probably would've gotten killed by the Governor.
  • Shane would have went of on him like he did to ED!
  • Pretty sure Larry'd have died. Shot in the head personally by Rick, or if the show, by Shane easily. Maybe even Daryl.
  • Crixus;803568 said:
    Shane would have went of on him like he did to ED!
    Larry is not an abusive father/husband. Which is what made Shane snap at him in the first place. I doubt he'd beat larry in because he has a big mouth and won't hold back to insult you.

    Rick and Co. would probably just lay it out clear to him, get along nicely and don't cause tension or your out.
  • Rick is absolutely the murder, I'm sure
  • Um... dude, Larry tried to kill Lee when Lee had just saved him. Does that sound like a certain prison scene? And Rick killed the guy. So yeah, pretty sure Larry would get a machete to the face. Shane definitely would have killed him. Daryl was doing nothing wrong and they were strangling him. In the comics, much less has happened and they've killed people. A girl grabbed Carl, and Rick shot her just so his son could get out of her grip.
  • ouh... I remember that part in the comics @Marksman, that just showed how far Rick is willing to go... wasn't there something with chopping a hand off too?
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