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Clementine as the main protagonist for season two?

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Or would that be too odd?
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  • I would say that she's too young to really carry her own story right now, and fast-forwarding to an older version of her would be skipping over the most interesting part. A character who's super badass makes for a good action game, but I would find it boring in such a story-driven game as this. Lee's certainly no slouch in a scuffle, but he's interesting because he's not fighter. He's an average guy, caught up in an extraordinary situation. Each zombie kill feels personal to me, because he has to work for it. That makes for much better drama than the rather overdone "zombie slayer" route.
  • No. I'm sorry, but No.
  • I'd like to see Clem as a protagonist on season two... But it's just not likely. She is too young to be an interesting playable character, and I doubt they will just "skip" about four or more years of her life, just to get her as the protagonist. Anyway, season two being "a season", means there is some kind of bound between the first and second series, I hope clementine survives until season two. Anyway, if clementine dies in episode five, I'm pretty sure telltale will show her death scene in the most sad/beautiful way the possible.
  • I hope she dies off so this damn question will quit being asked.

    I like Clem but this ^.
  • I'm pretty sire I read an interview where a telltale guy specifically said they couldn't put the story years down the line and have Clem as the protagonist, as this would not go well with the comics (who knows, maybe in a couple more years they will have found a cure).
  • Sure, I like Clem as a character, but playing as her? No, I think they should start afresh with new characters in the next season, but starting where season 1 left off, that would the best way forward for everyone, I have come to love all the characters (Kenny on and off, he is a right little bastard sometimes!) and if they all die then that would be heartbreaking, but in the best interest for season 2 they need a way to set it up, so if it means all the characters either go their separate ways, Kenny taking the boat maybe with Clem, Christa and Omid, or if they all die then that would be a shame, but that is the way it has to be, we cannot control TTG's decisions. We should all stop trying to guess, Telltale will make their own decisions, if they are bad, then they can learn from them.

    Personally though, I think they should start with a new group of people starting where Lee and his group ended. If they find a cure, I would write this game off as a poorly written finale. But only time can tell what Telltale will do, I just hope they make some really well scripted moments and not leaving us all disappointed. Afterall, I spent money for these episodes if the last final episode is crap then it will be my money gone down the drain.
  • I wouldn't play it if clem was in it again, her being the focus was really restrictive and annoying
  • Were not gonna play as her these threads. She'll probably be a secondary charecter like she was this season. She'll most likely be in season two and we'll be her new care taker
  • lucid616 wrote: »
    Actually....maybe take the story 7 or 8 years down the line when shes 16-18, and shes a zombie-apocalypse hardened young woman and a great zombie slayer, and with her group of people, and her lucky blue shirt(lees) she keeps as a memento of her hero. Coudle be done well if done right.

    and if omid and christa are still alive... she might have a little toddler to look after. ( christa is supposably pregnant in the 5th episode ):)
  • I swear these new users create accounts to annoy the community. NO. Kirkman will not give approval to advance the storyline 10- 15 years ahead because it's his story, he wants to advance it how he wants without having to molt around a point telltale has set in stone. Sure, you may be able to see Clem as a "hardend woman" in a non-canonical series telltale will make, that would make no sense and was done for the LOLZ, I dunno why this is so requested so much, other suvivors exsist in the world ... heck outside america ...causeaprantlythat'stheonlycountryintheworldthatmattersinaglobalinfestation.

    Just calm down. It's not gonna happen, unless kirkman advances the story ahead suddenly.

    and also kirkman did a werid issue of the walking dead where everyone got superpowers and that was for the LOLZ so if you want a adult clem, you better prepare yourself for that, cause it WON'T be taken seriously.
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