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  • By making TWD S2 and canceling KQ, Telltale made a great business decision. That's what annoys me the most about all this, is that right now they have no real reason to go back to the old, comedic style, as whatever they make in that won't nearly be as well-received as more dark, gritty TWD-style experiences would be.
  • You know, when I used to do what Fawful did on this forum, I was treated like an outcast.

    But I don't want him to be ganged up on like I was, so I'm agreeing with what he says... I really do think that Telltale has sold out, and become a soulless Walking Dead machine.

    (The fact that they didn't release a single new Sam and Max product ON THE 25TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE SAM AND MAX FRANCHISE may have been my first clue.)

    If it isn't one company overshadowing Sam and Max with Star Wars, it's another company overshadowing Sam and Max with the Walking Dead... will the Freelance Police get the attention they deserve?
  • Yes, "What Fawful did". I killed puzzlebox's dog. I shot soldiers in the head in Iraq. I beat Rhianna black and blue. I screamed homosexual slurs at Rutger's team members.

    And I don't agree with you, man. Telltale isn't a Walking Dead machine. I'm fine with their games. It's their personal opinions of puzzles I don't like or agree with. I don't want to play the WD because I hate zombies more than anything in pop culture. I probably would have played Fables at one time. I think it's neat. They're doing neat things in other areas. But insincerity, dishonesty, and dodging complaints are the end for me.

    You can say, well, Nintendo does that. Every company does that. Well Telltale didn't do it for years, and now that they do, it just stings more than it would from anyone else.
  • I'll throw my opinion in here as well I guess.

    First I agree that Fawful and RAnthony both have a point. I feel that ever since TWD, Telltale has been trying to only appeal to a new audience. As an example here. Anyone recall a thread where it was stuff Telltale promised to do but never did some examples being putting out the rest of S&M Season 3 & W&G on IPad (Which by the way I'd still like to see happen as they are 2 of my favourite Telltale seasons) and replacing Lechuck's voice in Tales episode 1. Now this was all promised but again never happened. Now when the crying TWD fans (Which fair enough not everyone is and its calmed down ever since Episode 5 came out) keep crying for Season 2 only a few months after Season 1 and they get a DLC episode to hold them over.

    It's a bit annoying. By all means try to attract new fans but you have to find a balance to keep new and old fans happy which I feel is not happening. Everyone was basically hoping for King's Quest to be the game that returned TTG to its roots but It was cancelled. Let's face it, Lucasarts' problem was that after Star Wars games got good reception, they went way way overboard on it until no one could be bothered anymore. Look at Star Wars Kinect which was almost a complete joke and now after TWD, it seems the only upcoming Telltale games will be licensed games and what happens after TWD Season 2? Will Season 3 be announced? I know its way too early to tell but lets remember that Season 2 was announced around the time of Episode 2 or 3 of Season 1.

    Poker Night 2 was a nice surprise to get with Sam & Max in it but it just feels that the upcoming lineup will be directed at an new audience but the problem is that let's remember that this audience mostly complained and trolled during Season 1. Like when a couple of them went into a Sam & Max 25th Anniversary post and kept crying about TWD. Some made fake threads just to spoil the game. Others just made threads to complain about the same thing ''Oh Episode ain't out yet!!!, I'm so angry''. Again not everyone did that but unfortunately a lot did do that. Anyway Just my opinion but I will get TWD Season 2, I did enjoy Season 1 but I'm disappointed that it seems unlikely we will see Sam & Max Season 4 or Strong Bad Season 2 or Tales of Monkey Island Season 2.
  • You know what. I'm making too much of the whole thing. I take it back. I love Telltale. That's probably why I'm so butthurt. Yes, they made a poor decision. I'm not taking that back. But it's not the end of the world. I'm going to calm down, forget it ever happened (so I don't get in any more shit), and go watch Spaceballs.
  • Secret Fawful;803585 said:
    If anyone was "putting words in your mouth" it was me, and it was not my intent to do any such thing.

    We're just having a conversation. You were mad; I thought I understood why; but I was only partly correct (though not really).

    I suppose the reason why I, myself, am not mad anymore is because they've long since been screwing us around. What with the screenshot-on-a-napkin in the TOMI deluxe set; the long postponement of the TOMI Deluxe Editions without so much as a peep from Telltale as to what the status was; the refusal to say anything about what DRM the Wallace & Gromit or TOMI discs came with until we'd long since given up asking about it; the numerous blatantly unfinished parts of their projects such as S&M's Nutrispecs or a downloadable Earl Boen version of Narwhal.

    Cancelling KQ in this pitiful I-hope-no-one-notices kind of way is just another affirmation that they either need to fire their entire public relations department due to incompetence, or else Dan Connors needs to resign as president due to his gross mismanagement of the PR department and all around lack of sense.

    But I digress. They're just another video game company to me now. Nothing particularly special. I just hang out here because I like the community here. Yourself included, Fawful--even though you can be a bit of an ass. After all, God knows that I'm no better.

    So that's why I'm not butthurt anymore. I've long since been used to it by now, and so I don't expect any better than what we're getting, since there's no reason to assume they'll change.

    EDIT: Oh, and Puzzlebox, that bit about the PR department wasn't directly aimed at you.
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    I'll throw my two cents in as well. I used to adore Telltale. The day they announced ToMI I was on cloud 9.

    And then they stopped making games I was interested in and I stopped loving them.

    ...and that's about it. That's my stance on Telltale - they used to be awesome, and now they're not.
  • Cmon Telltale we want more adventure games , yes i enjoyed TWD its one of the best games that i ever played (not sure if its better then Ratchet and clank up your arsenal but thats another topic :p ) but i also am currently playing other games that TTG made like Tomi(my name isnt a tales reference BTW it just hapened to be like that , ive been using that name before i even knew what tales of monkey island was) and Sam and Max season 3 . Ive also already finished BTTF and own both poker night games . The thing is i love TWD but i also love the adventure games that TTG USED to make . I was hoping for maybe a BTTF season 2 but thats not happening and when i heard they were going to make kings quest i got excited but not for too long as then i heard they canceled it.

    Heres to hoping TT doesnt turn into TWD company.

    PS: Im changing my avatar to the wheres marty mcfly picture until we get some information on BTTF by TTG
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    Jennifer Moderator
    lattsam;803592 said:
    (The fact that they didn't release a single new Sam and Max product ON THE 25TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE SAM AND MAX FRANCHISE may have been my first clue.)
    That's not really fair. They did hold an art/writing contest and hold a sale for the 25th anniversary. But even more, they then released Poker Night 2, complete with a Sam & Max 25th anniversary theme.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    RAnthonyMahan;803584 said:
    What really gets me is how, what's the word...unceremoniously it was all handled. Telltale stayed completely silent about KQ for over two years, then (presumably well after they decided to scrap it) quietly announced its cancellation through a third-party site. Most people didn't even notice. There are more people bitching about Walking Dead 2 not coming out immediately than the fact that King's Quest isn't coming out at all.
    Yeah, that didn't go down smoothly. I still think the conscious decision not to do KQ was never there. Instead, I believe they just wanted to do other stuff first. And when those two other games didn't take one year but rather three to complete, the license had already quietly slipped away in the meantime. I understand that this is not something you "announce" ("Hey guys, today's kinda sorta the last day we COULD have made KQ, ktxbye."), but there should have been continuous communication on the matter, there really should have. The traditional adventure game fans were looking forward to this franchise because Telltale couldn't have done it any other way than with traditional gameplay. It would have been the signal that people have been waiting for: "Yes, we have BTTF and TWD, but we can and will continue to honor the more traditional forms of the adventure game as well".

    I wasn't looking forward to King's Quest. I WAS looking forward to its game mechanics.
    RAnthonyMahan;803584 said:
    The Wolf Among Us is being treated better, but not by much. It's had its release pushed from early 2012 to late 2012 to early 2013 to summer 2013. And since 400 Days took all the attention at E3 and is slated for a July release, I'm guessing Fables will be pushed back again.
    That could well be the case, but consider the reasons. These last three years, Telltale just wasn't particularly good at getting their schedule in order and communicate it accordingly while at the same time they're being convinced that simultaneous releases are just around the corner. TWD was the first game of theirs to really kill its schedule.

    If TWaU is pushed back, it's not pushed back in favor of TWD. Quite the contrary - if TWaU is pushed back, TWD Season 2 will also be pushed back. Please imagine what that means...
    RAnthonyMahan;803584 said:
    Not that Telltale's in a hurry to release it, since any attempt to talk about it (or any other non-WD game) gets met with a barrage of "I DON'T CARE WHERE'S WALKING DEAD SEASON 2 I HOPE IT COMES OUT TOMORROW AND THAT THERE'S A NEW EPISODE EVERY WEEK."
    I'm guilty of exaggerating the situation myself... but that doesn't make it less of an exaggeration. :p
    RAnthonyMahan;803584 said:
    And of course, its gameplay is almost exactly the same as The Walking Dead's.
    I don't really want to argue against this notion. What the traditional adventure game players miss will not be a part of The Wolf among Us, judging from the first looks and designer comments. And what can I say, I absolutely believe that by some damned stroke of fate and chance, the design philosophy necessarily cuts exactly these moments out of the game. There's no stop and think, there can't be. Getting stumped is taken out of the equation. You always know what to do. A conversation is always something final. The murder mystery is solved by Bigby Wolf and not the player. And that saddens me as well.

    But, no, it's not 'exactly the same gameplay' as TWD. Seems to me the philosophy is exactly the same, but the mechanics are much advanced for one thing, and the franchise fits the mechanics much better than TWD did. NPCs supposedly comment on your thought process; influencing them has more meaning as they aren't killed five minutes into the game; scenes can swap order and location at your preference. That IS, undoubtedly, an evolution of the TWD concept, whether I like it or not.
    Secret Fawful;803602 said:
    You know what. I'm making too much of the whole thing. I take it back. I love Telltale. That's probably why I'm so butthurt. Yes, they made a poor decision. I'm not taking that back. But it's not the end of the world. I'm going to calm down, forget it ever happened (so I don't get in any more shit), and go watch Spaceballs.
    I apologize if I put "my words in your mouth". I'm having trouble seeing it yet though. Telltale made ToMI and three evolving Seasons of Sam & Max, and of course I love them for it as well. These games are not lessened because preference based instead of skill based gameplay now is the direction. It's sad for all those who like the traditional adventure games more, including myself. But I repeat, it is not, absolutely not, a valid source of anger or the feeling of having been betrayed.
    Jennifer;803657 said:
    But even more, they then released Poker Night 2, complete with a Sam & Max 25th anniversary theme.
    And I tried so damn hard to buy it from the Telltale store...

    Well, I was very happy to at least assume that they didn't forget good ol' Sam & Max, but I couldn't exactly 'see' it yet.
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