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Steam Sale Spotlight

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Hereupon exists a place to discuss current Steam Spotlight deals and your opinion of the games' value and/or the sale price.
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  • sergeytittsoff said:
    wow dis gaem is possibly deh must amazung gaem ive evar pleied. the gaem sucks hors penis wen u plEI liek a legit nuub, that is why i hax the geam bcuzz det is moAR fun. i giv deh geam 10/10 becuzz it is eassy to heck
    I love this dude.
  • Today's Daily Deal is 50% off...


    Again. Hmm.

    Here's the week-long deals. Once again they're pretty good, so I really don't understand why Valve doesn't make a bigger deal about these.
  • Alcoremortis;802101 said:
    There is totally this movie coming out, called Elysium, that essentially rips this game off so hard. Like, exact same plot, exact same situation... it's really eerie. I was watching the trailer and was like "they're making a Deponia movie?" the entire time.
    Admittedly I've only played about half of the first game (I'm well stuck on the pigeon puzzle), but I don't think I'd call it a rip-off. Segregation/disparity is a pretty common theme in storytelling, and it's almost guaranteed that two different people are gonna come up with a very similar idea somewhere down the line. Besides, this film's planning had actually taken place in early 2011, making it pretty hard for the people behind it to 'rip off' a 2012 game.
    Alcoremortis;802107 said:
    [QUOTE=Darth Marsden;802103]Eh, probably won't be as funny.
    Not in the slightest. It's one of those gritty explosion movies devoid of a single witty remark. I predict it will be a good movie to miss.[/QUOTE]

    But it's written and directed by Neill Blomkamp, so it might be a good idea to give it a chance, at least.
  • I know, I know... but I mean, there were just so many similarities. Junk planet vs. high tech wonderland where the rich people live (called Elysium), grungy guy determined to get there, probably a pretty girl at some point.

    I dunno. All I could think of was Deponia the entire time I was watching the trailer.
  • Today's Daily Deal is 33% off...


    ...still too expensive in my book, but whatever.

    Midweek Madness deals:

    image image
  • Darth Marsden;803498 said:
    Midweek Madness deals:
    Mark Of The Ninja is still 100% recommended. Especially at this price.
  • der_ketzer;803514 said:
    Mark Of The Ninja is still 100% recommended. Especially at this price.
    Yes, have some.

    I fully endorse this as well.
  • Today's Daily Deal is 50% off...


    Ah, that woman is wearing clothes! I am immediately disinterested in this game!

  • She does seem to have a very convenient zipper on the front of her suit though.
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