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The Xbox One

posted by Darth Marsden on - last edited - Viewed by 14.6K users
Little surprised no-one's talking about the XBox One, which was officially announced today.

And has a stupid name.

Really, there's a lot we could say about this console, but I'll just bullet-point the best bits.

- It's called the XBox One. Even though it's actually the third. *sigh*
- The controller is extremely similar to the 360s, with a better D-Pad and higher Home button.
- It comes with an updated Kinect... that the console WILL NOT FUCTION WITHOUT.
- It won't be backwards compatible. With anything. 360 games, XBLA games, nothing. *facepalm*
- Playing a used game? You'll be charged a fee to do so.

In short - fail. The used games thing is perhaps the biggest kick in the teeth, and it's going to ruin this console.

EDIT: Oh, you're all talking about it in the "Whatever's On Your Mind" thread. Well, whatever.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    puzzlebox;803798 said:
    Taking the words out of my mouth. From "it can't work without" to "it will" in mere seconds. This is practically an Electronic Arts level of costumer contempt. But I'm happy for the Microsoft 'fanbase'. Looks like they're getting a decent console after all. And, honestly, we don't want a winner in the console wars because monopolies_just_stink.

    What saddens me though is that once again, the customer was NOT listened to, at all, whatever they say now. The outrage these last months meant nothing to them, not one word. Only when Sony whupped their ass at E3, Microsoft was willing to think again. Had Sony presented equal bullshit, we'd be in a very different situation right now.
    Darth Marsden;803926 said:
    It's dated. Badly. And a lot of the features it introduced are widely despised (quick time events, anyone?).
    You know, it's funny. The other day I was playing Tomb Raider on a PS3 at a friends' house, discussing whether I should or should not get back into console gaming with the PS4. When I complained about all the QTE bullshit in that game, he flat out said that a dislike of QTEs means that I should not buy a console. Truth?
  • Vainamoinen;803951 said:
    he flat out said that a dislike of QTEs means that I should not buy a console. Truth?
    Those have become more and more popular in all modern games. But they are present in modern PC games too (well console ports). But not nearly in enough games to avoid consoles completely. You just need to be careful. Very careful.
    But also consider that consoles are your only option if you want to play major games and still avoid Origin, Steam and others.
  • The voice actor for Ryo sounded like he couldn't be bothered reading the script...Unless he is looking for sailors.
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    Jennifer Moderator
    coolsome;803964 said:
    The voice actor for Ryo sounded like he couldn't be bothered reading the script...Unless he is looking for sailors.
    The voice acting in general is pretty awful in the Shenmue games (in the English translations at least). It's definitely the worst part of both games (unless you manage to get the European Dreamcast version of Shenmue II, which has English subtitles and Japanese voices... which is the far better way to play in my opinion).

    It's also true that they are really dated (and the control scheme is really awkward). Also, they originally planned it to be many chapters, and then condensed the second one when the first one didn't sell well. You can really tell that the second one was meant to be multiple chapters because the pacing is off (especially at the last part, where it seems to end when it is just beginning).

    I still like both games though. The mini-games are pretty fun, and the storyline is interesting. I really hope they'll be able to finish the story somehow. If not through a game, then possibly they can finish it through a movie (like they did with the Shenmue I story in Japan), or with a manga (or even a western style comic book).
  • He was right about family sharing. The fanboys are pissed and blaming fellow gamers. I've seen a bunch of backlash already.

    I'm still really concerned about the running background programs(apps, TV, camera) and how it will affect games and potential. It seems to me that the Xbox performance is going to be worse than PS4 regardless.
  • If the trading and sharing still applies to digital-purchased games, then we're probably good
  • No we're not. I'm not buying the dang thing.
    Oh wait, so maybe yes we are. :)

    Wouldn't matter what MS does. I'm not buying their console. It's not fanboyism; I just don't like it. It's too big, too expensive, and has an unnecessarily huge camera peripheral.
  • Family sharing was completely axed today as far as I know.
  • I'm hearing rumours (IE: it's been mentioned in several articles reporting this) that the reversal has been planned for months. If that's true, then holy shit that's a hell of a marketing tactic.
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