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400 Days: What connection to Season 1 would you want the most?

posted by Yertos on - last edited - Viewed by 1.4K users
For me I would love to get a conclusion to Lilly's story. Whether or not she is left with an RV or on foot, it would be nice to see what happened to her if it's not part of Season 2.

*Comic book Lilly is different from this one, so don't say she ends up in Woodbury.*
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  • sQOrPION;804129 said:
    You mean Russel ?
    Yeah Russel :D
  • some connections,but i want season 2 to concentrate on the more fuller story(clem,Lee) than just have short stories like the DLC,would be nice to see if Lilly made it.
  • Something with Lilly involved would be awesome. :)
  • Drunk Kenny;804098 said:
    It would be cool if lilly meets up with Oberson, who survived the Crawford disaster. They would be the ultimate power couple. Think of all the possibilities awesome.
    Oberson's dead. He was the zombie who grabbed Ben in the belltower.

    With that said, Kenny's fate is definitely close to the top for me, but I'm too scared to keep talking about it, for fear that Telltale will have him show up as a walker (or worse, as a villain) in S2 just for the sake of giving the player a nasty surprise. :(
  • Agree with the post above me ^

    I'd like to see Kenny's conclusion at the end.
    Did he make it out alive or not?
  • Mornai;804099 said:
    I think that would be nice as well, but since it seems they didn't originally plan on bringing her back, she might just stay that way. She had a good exit.
    Not necessarily. Telltale was writing the story for each of the episodes on the fly, right? Ben's teacher was originally planned to be killed by the St. Johns or something, and at first there weren't any plans for a 2nd season at all. So we might see everyone's favourite psychotic bitch again:D, regardless of their original plans.
  • I'd like the DLC to involve some old characters, whether they are currently alive by Lee's death or not. I definitely would love to see Kenny's outcome. Getting to see Carley/Doug would be good too; I'd enjoy giving them a proper burial since I couldn't at first. All in all, I want some season 1 character involvement, whether it be hinted or physically present, like Vernon's cancer survival group.

    Eh, I don't want Lilly in it. I believe that the comic Lilly and game Lilly are the same person, and I don't want her outcome changed. I'd rather her fate be 'unknown' so those who read the comics can either insinuate that she died from the Governor's men, or that she simply vanished. Depends on the gamer.
  • To be honest, I'd like it if they saved the returning characters(if any) for season 2 since the DLC will be so short. The cancer guys I'm okay with appearing in 400 days since they were really minor characters.

    As for Lilly, I'm kind of conflicted. It would be cool if her character got some more screentime and closure, seeing as Kenny did. But if she's not going to appear for at least a few full episodes in season 2, I'd prefer that they do just leave her fate "unknown". Either would be way better than, say, a quick unsatisfying cameo as a walker.
  • At first I was going to write, that I wanted them to connect it with the food from the car.
    Then I remembered the fifth episode. :p But I don't know... Lily maybe.
  • Lilly, but maybe only if she had the RV.

    The Stranger's son maybe? As LI for Clementine? Hehe, (joke)
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