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Mankind or Clementine?

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Please read before vote.
Just a my fiction, but if in the final season (Ending of Clementine story) we got a vaccine ( I know that Robert Kirkman says that naver happen in TWD world).
So you got a vaccine in our equipment, this vaccine can help newborn children to be be uninfected forever (only newborns). Vaccine works this way: If pregnant woman will injecting vaccine to her stomach at the second month of pregnancy, then her child will be uninfected forever, if he dies he will not turn, but bite is still deadly.
You flying away from military base who was attacked a horde of walkers, you planning to flying by big cargo plane with Clementine, and with pregnant girl-pilot ( for example Lilly who has got romance with main character, and gets pregnancy from him few days ago; Now is the first month of pregnancy ). Plane are ready to take off , but the cargo compartment is full of walkers. Clem, you, and pilot are in cockpit, you have closed the door to cockpit, and walkers can't get you in here. The engines included, you sit on second pilot place, and pull back on the steering wheel. The plane begins to take off. A pregnant girl-pilot opened the cargo compartment, and a lot of walkers are falling out of the plane. Suddenly door to cockpit has busted, and some walkers were going inside. Clementine pulled out a gun (Colt M1911) and says:
-"Don't worry I'll take care of this"
- You: "What? Hell no. That's dangerous, you can't do that! Sit here!"
- Clementine: "Of course I can, I'm ten years old, remember?" *smiles*
*bang* *bang*
The plane quickly begins to gain in height, and is tilted upward at a sharp angle. The last walker to enter the cockpit grabs Clementine by the leg. In a frantic moment, she grabs the handle to the cockpit door in a desperate attempt to stay alive, but not before forever losing her precious baseball cap to the current.
-Clementine: Aaaaaah... Aaaaah. HELP! PLEASE!
- You: "HOLD ON CLEM!"
You shoot the walker from your rifle, and caught her by her hand, you hold her in two hands.
*sad music starts*
-Clementine *nearly crying*: "PLEASE, PLEASE DON'T LET ME GO!"
-You: "I hold you! Do you hear me?! I hold you! It's ok hun, it's ok, just hold on!"

Ampoule with vaccine are falling out of your pocket. *Time slows down* ( as like drugstore when you must choose Carley or Doug).

If you attempt to catch the ampoule with one hand, you are unable to hold onto Clementine, because you had got a bullet wound on your left shoulder one week ago. And so your precious symbol of innocence is lost forever.

If you continue to hold Clementine, the ampoule containing the vaccine falls out of the plane, effectively dooming the human race to a continuous cycle of infection.

You've got six seconds to make a choose *in slow motion* before the ampule wjth vaccine will falling out of you pocket.

If you will do nothing in this six seconds, Clem will noticing that ampule are falling out. Then she will looking to the vaccine, and saying "Goodbye", she will relaxing her hand, and falling down. You will catching ampule, then you will trying to grab Clem's hand, but it will too late.

What would you choose?
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  • Dave of Canada;804311 said:
    I'd kill thousands of people if it spared millions, it's a matter of logistics. I sincerely hope the people who vote for Clementine are never put in such a situation.
    In a clear cut case like that, sure. When killing thousands might, maybe, perhaps save millions? No.
  • TeamKennyAlways;804432 said:
    Depressurisation what the hell does that word mean zev_zev
    Try to open porthole in the plane, and you will learn what it is :D

    Seriously - it's a physical process when there is rapid leak of oxygen and pressure becoming low. Depressurisation can happen if plane (or submarine, or spaceship) gets a damage - a hole in the hull. Besides during cabin depressurization in the hole starts to tightening everything.

    P.S. I made a little copy of the statistics of TWD, here. You can compare, start the game and open statistics =)
  • Why did you randomly put depressurisation when quoting my reply? Thank you for explaining what it means anyway.
  • TeamKennyAlways;804470 said:
    Why did you randomly put depressurisation when quoting my reply? Thank you for explaining what it means anyway.
    omg I just wanted to show you "stats" as like YOU are the player, and you get a stats in the ending of episode. It's joke. Never mind.
  • Oh I see cool stats, I don't get many jokes, sorry. By the way I was joking about Clem being the cure, even though I shouldn't make jokes I just decided to let her fall to her doom! *Goes and cries in a corner rocking back and forth saying "What have I done"*
  • ^I got sick and twisted laughter out of that one. I've felt the pain man, whenever I got the bad *Clementine ___* messages, I felt too pressured to restart xD
  • In an instant right? I probably won't ever let got of Clem for a bottle that I have a chance of dropping.

    But why should it be one or the other? Can't Clem catch the bottle as it is falling with her free hand, ain't the point of the story being Clementine getting stronger and being more independent as she matures and loses her innocence?
  • CaveRave;804621 said:

    Can't Clem catch the bottle as it is falling with her free hand
    No because, you have recently received a wound in the shoulder, force one hand not be enough to keeping the girl.
  • I would choose Clementine, as even though you say the cure is a one-time thing, in a realistic situation ... if it was created once, it could be created again. It might not, or if it is, it might take a long time, but there's still a chance someone else could make a cure, too.

    But there is only one Clementine, so of course I would not drop her.

    Plus, we don't know for sure if the cure could save everyone. I wouldn't drop her just for that chance.
  • zev_zev;804649 said:
    No because, you have recently received a wound in the shoulder, force one hand not be enough to keeping the girl.
    Probably too soon, but then I'd just have to say, "Dang, girrrrrl, you put on some weight!" *Dropped*
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