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Do you honestly think kenny escaped his doom?(poll)

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  • Robert Morgan;804390 said:

    I also prefer Christa's version, TBH, as Ben's simply doesn't make a lick of sense to me in terms of Kenny's character. Shooting Ben would have taken less than a second; more than enough time for Lee and Kenny to skedaddle out of that alley before the walkers could chow down on a juicy Macon/Florida combo.

    But for some reason, Kenny chooses to stay behind, because "it's something he has to do." What, being eaten alive? It might have been implied in the dialogue that Kenny wanted to rejoin Katjaa and Duck in the afterlife, but Kenny himself argued against that attitude less than one scene ago!
    My problem with the Christa scene was that the radio had no significance after that, despite losing Kenny over it. Maybe it's meant to be bittersweet that they got it back only to be for nothing?

    The Ben scene's on my main save, but I thought his ending scenario could have been more reasonable if his wound wasn't clearly going to fatal, and there was some semblance of a chance of getting him out of there. As is, it feels like Kenny was just choosing to stay and die with him.

    The line "I either save the kid or I get to see her," was what made me feel that Kenny was ready to end things there, even though he had just said to never stop struggling. He had to have known that there was no saving Ben at that point.
  • I say maybe, mostly because it's still a game and anything can happen. As well TWD has a lot of cases where characters should have died yet lived. For example with Tyreese, I'm looking at the comic right now and the final scene you see of Tyreese in the gym is with zombies on all 4 sides piling into him, and he had only a hammer, and a gun with who knows how much ammo, but in the situation he was in it looks like a gun couldn't even save him. Seeing this is mostly why I'm on maybe, because Kenny still has a gun with dependent ammo left, and pistol-whipping shouldn't be taken lightly as a single whack from Kenny's kills a walker in the Ben scene. As well others have said this already, but the only time you hear walkers eating is in the Ben scenario when there is an assured body to eat. So highly improbable that Kenny lived, but still a chance
  • I said maybe. There is most definately not tons of evidence indicating that he lived, but there is just enough to make it ambiguous. I got the Christa scene in my main playthrough, so I think he stood a reasonable, given the circumstances, chance of surviving that. I also prefer the Christa one, because while the Ben scene is coming full circle, it seems to be a bit fo a big leap for Kenny, who was only minutes ago fully engaged in his cold-hearted survivalism by considering bashing Lee's head in. Then he jumps into an alleyway full fo walkers to svae the kid that killed his family from suffering a horrible death. Heroic, yes, but it seems a bit much. The Christa scene, I felt, made more sense because she was actually savable. He jumps down to save her and her child, not only because it was the noble thing to do, but because he wasn't able to save his own family no matter how hard he tried, but was determined to not let another family go through what he did.
  • When he saved Ben, it looked almost impossible unless he pulled a "Lee fighting towards the Marsh House"
    When he had the save Christa, it felt completely plausible that there was an exit to that building.
    Maybe our choice will actually matter in season 2?
  • Mikejames;804510 said:
    The line "I either save the kid or I get to see her," was what made me feel that Kenny was ready to end things there, even though he had just said to never stop struggling. He had to have known that there was no saving Ben at that point.
    I forgot about that line. I guess it makes a little more sense if Kenny was simply desperate to save Ben to absolve himself of his guilt over Shawn's death, but that sounds like the thinking of an irrational man, and Kenny didn't come across as irrational when he was saying goodbye to Lee.

    Like you said, it was pretty damn clear there was no time to get Ben out of that alley alive, so once again, the only remaining explanation seems to be suicide-via-zombie-mob, which is probably the most horrible way to commit suicide, period!
  • I accidentally voted yes instead of maybe, but I am maybe leaning towards yes. It's probably just wishful thinking, if I'm honest.

    But remember that this is the man who beat a zombie off of his son with his bare hands back when the apocalypse was just starting. Even before knowing to avoid being bitten, he survived that ordeal, so who's to say he couldn't have survived this one?

    I think it has to mean something that in both of his "death scenes," he moves offscreen, and the only one in which you hear eating sounds is the one with Ben. Even if it only means that this is the last we see him and they simply wanted to leave it ambiguous.

    Plus the end screen said "lost," not "dead." So I'll keep holding onto hope that he's alive.
  • Yes: 25%
    Maybe: 50%
    No: 25%

    Over the course of 7 months, this is about where I got xD
  • I just finished another playthrough where my Lee drifted further and further apart from Kenny following the meat locker scene, and I definitely get where the Kenny-haters are coming from. His refusal to help save a little girl just because Lee didn't have his back every step of the way was his douchiest moment by far (the vindictive asshole even said he'd been "keeping count!") but seeing that nastier side to Kenny just added more layers to an already terrific character, at least for me.

    Besides, Kenny gets his comeuppance later on when the cancer survivors kick the stuffing out of him. When I first saw Kenny with that blackeye, I admit I laughed my head off.:D

    Oddly enough, it also boosted my hope for Kenny being the PC in season 2. This time, it would be at the player's discretion whether Kenny remains a selfish bastard, or learns to care more about people beyond himself and his family.
  • i think if u dont save ben and kenny "dies" beacous he saved christa, he could have run but in the ben ending he couldent run.
  • I wished he escaped, but I prefer him story wise to be dead.
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