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  • I hope they find him. Unfortunately, there is very little I can do. I live nowhere near Vancouver, and no-one I know does either. I'm not even on the same continent.
  • "David Dreger Update
    As many of you know, former Rooster Teeth contributor David "Knuckles Dawson" Dreger has been missing since May 26. I am sorry to write that David's body was found June 20th near a park north of Vancouver. Here is the statement from his family:
    "We are thankful that the prayers for discovery made by everyone during this time have been answered. It is with deep sadness that we must let you all know that David's body was discovered on June 20 near Ambleside Park. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their prayers, support and compassion. David was an exceptional, bright, caring and loving young man. We consider ourselves blessed to have had him in our lives, and are comforted knowing that he is now embraced in the arms of our Lord.
    Love, Daryl, LeeAnn and Danielle."

    I knew David from his early twenties to the time of his death at twenty-eight. He was a common sight at many of our community events and an early invaluable contributor to our Achievement Hunter brand. His passion for gaming was fueled by a youthful intensity unlike any other. I am immeasurably sad for its absence and my condolences go out to all his grieving family and friends.

    Rest in peace, Knuckles."

    This is a post from Burnie Burnes at Rooster Teeth regarding the missing man in Vancouver,may he rest in peace.
  • That's a really sad end to the story. At least they found him - I can't imagine a worse thing for a parent than just plain not knowing what happened to their child.
  • As the person closest to Vancouver, I guess I should add something.
    Vancouver is not the greatest if you're not well off. Now, I don't know what happened to him, but a lot of people go there because it's a great party city, beautiful weather, etc. and end up falling out because job availability and wage do not add up to the high cost of living. I know a lot of people who have lived there and only 1 that still is. Great city to visit, hard city to move in to.
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