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BTF download problem!!! Need HELLLLP!!!

posted by Pyder on - last edited - Viewed by 578 users
Hi there. I'm a telltale fan from China. I learnt about u from walking dead iOS version. Couple of days ago, I downloaded BTF 1st episode from App Store. After a nice playing experience, I just moved on to purchase the 2-5 episodes pack.

However, after purchase, every time I try to download the 2-5 episodes, it just hits me with a hint reads: (you can also check the screenshot in the attachments)
Connection lost while downloading data. Please ensure you have a working Internet connection and re-attempt the download.

I understand that while connecting to telltale server from China, unexpected connection problems might happen due to all those stupid network limits here. However, my network condition is not bad and I did purchase and download the additional walking dead episodes successfully, which is, just a few weeks back. Plus, I already tried to download the BTF episodes via a list of VPN, within which there are US VPNs as well. But it still fails again and again. I did try at both daytime and midnight, it never works.

Please help! I don't feel like to waste my money on something that ought to be good but cannot be achieved.

Marvelous works on walking dead btw..... U guys rocks.
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  • Hello? Anybody here? Need a reply as simple as "working on it" at least
  • Hi,

    I rnjoyed a lot the first episode and moved on to buy the 2-5 bundle, but the dixnload does not start... Or ends with an error.

    Is there a specific configuration req on iphone for integrated purchases ? Or a simple issue in your side ?

    Îll ask for a refund to the apple store if i cannot download it.

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