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Would you leave Lilly if she had killed Ben?

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If, instead of Carley or Doug, Ben was killed would you leave Lilly by the road or taker her with you?
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  • Mmm i'd trade Mack for Ben, he looked like a good guy and good shoot.
  • To Inferuz
    Tyreese frighted Rick for no reason and was always bitter.
    No reason?
    Did you even read the comics?
    Tyreese kicked his ass because Rick was being a hypocritical prick. Judges Tyreese for killing his daughters murderer but overlooks at the fact he killed Dexter in cold blood.
    Andrea was really "destroyed" if it wasn't for Dale she would have killed herself, later on she "grew up".
    She did all that without affecting the other group members. She didn't take her anger & frustrations out on other group members and didn't bully them as well like Lilly has done.
    Abraham was really temperamental. But like Michonne or Andrea is hard not to like such a badass killer.
    I think you drifted off topic don't you think?
    The main argument is that Lilly has no skills whereas you believe she has as much skills as Abraham, Andrea & Michonne.

    To Yertos
    I think he means Mark.
  • IceRyder;805791 said:

    In 3 Episodes, she showed no skills. Did nothing in the first episode. Did mostly nothing in the second episode(depending on the choices you make) but then again, she couldn't get a head shot on Andy with a sniper rifle and as someone suggested, she couldn't take out a zombified Mr Parker/Travis when it attacked Lee and she had the perfect sight to take him out..
    To be fair, the Mr.Parker/Travis scene was probably just an oversight with the scene directors or whatever, as Kenny does nothing to help Kat in that scene either, even though he was standing literally 10 feet away.

    Also, I thought it was pretty clear with the St. Johns that Lilly didn't want to kill them, just . If sided with in the meat locker, she nods in agreement to Lee's decision to spare Danny (even if you don't side with her, she never ends up killing him either). If you do kill Danny, she seems upset with it no matter what. If you spare Andy, she makes no moves to kill him either, even though she's holding a rifle and she has every reason to want to.

    Third episode, OK I'll give her the fact she took out a bandit and I'll say "a" bandit because with the rifle she had, she only managed to kill one while Lee & Carley(depending) had to deal with the rest. But she did it in a reckless way that could've put members of her group in danger and it could've been avoided if she was on watch instead of telling a shit for brains kid to do it while she was hiding in doors.
    It could also have been avoided if Ben wasn't a complete twat and done his job. Besides, according to Lee she hasn't been sleeping much due to trauma (which is understandable), and a sleep deprived adult wouldn't make for a very good lookout.

    But the fact remains she did mostly nothing in 3 episodes, Carley with her dead-eye is a better shot than her, she assists you at times & did more for the group than Lilly who mostly sits around doing nothing.

    Notice how Lilly has not killed one zombie in the 3 episodes she was in, her kill count is 1 bandit & 1 innocent person in the back. Even Clementine, Doug & Ben killed Zombies, if a child, a nerd and an idiot can do it, how useful is she really especially as a leader?
    Er...I'm pretty sure Lilly was the one who trained all the adults to use firearms. Lee says something about that in ep 2 unless I'm mistaken. Also, when does Doug ever kill a zombie? I'm kinda curious.

    Even after his daughter's death, Tyreese still did things to help the group. He didn't snap at anyone or kill anyone for no reason. He didn't sit his ass around doing nothing.

    Like Tyreese. Andrea lost her only family yet still contemplated more in the safety of the group. She didn't sit around doing nothing and rely on others to take care of her and constantly snap at people and she certainly didn't murder anyone for no reason. She didn't cause problems for others. Abraham & Michonne were bad-asses when you meet them but they do tell you their story and frankly, they lost more family members than Lilly has yet they still keep it together and like Tyreese & Andrea, they actually do things to keep people safe.
    Difference with Tyreese and Andrea is that their families weren't directly killed by a group member. Tyreese's daughter committed suicide and Andrea's sister was eaten right? Larry, on the other hand, was (debatably) killed by Kenny. Whether or not he was really dead isn't even the point; in all situations, a group member either splatters his brains all over Lilly's face, or two group members gang up on her from her point of view to kill her father. Pretty understandable why she would become a crazy, extremely paranoid wreck who doesn't trust her group.

    I'm not trying to defend Lilly, she killed my best friend in the game afterall (Doug, WHY!?:(*sob*), but I can understand why she went batshit and paranoid.
  • To clarify on the Tyreese's daughter thing, she made a suicide pact with her boyfriend. She missed, he didn't. So he ended up killing her (no headshot) and Tyreese choked him to death I think. That's how Rick's group found out you didn't need to be bitten to turn, if I remember correctly.
  • I would tell Lilly to get on the RV
  • As much as I'm a big Lilly fan, I cannot deny that most of everyone minus Larry was more useful.

    Glenn: Risks life to get gas for the group.
    Doug: Builds alarm system, comes to the rescue at the farm.
    Carley: Watches your back at rescuing Glenn, comes to the rescue at the farm.
    Katjaa: Motherly figure to the kids, acts as the medic of the group.
    Kenny: Saves you from Larry's knock out punch, meat locker scene debatable, goes on supply runs, goes hunting, kills the most walkers second to Lee.
    Mark: Goes hunting with Lee and Kenny, goes to the farm with Lee.
    Duck: Uh... helps solve the missing supplies?
    Clem: Helps you out countless times.
    Christa/Omid: Has your back towards the end, good people for Clem to have around.
    Chuck: Arguably saves Clem's life twice, Once with very useful advice Lee was ignoring, and actually taking on to many walkers so Clem can escape.
    Ben: Keeps watch, friend to Clem. Not much for him :P

    Larry: Possibly uses the axe to kill the walker at the motor inn.
    Lilly: Keeps watch. Possibly saves you from the St. John's. kills a bandit. Again, not much she does for anyone but Larry.
  • IceRyder;805953 said:
    To Inferuz
    Yeah it so awesome im reading it again.

    Andrea didn't have no skills at first. Lilly is ex military and her father too, Larry most likely teached her how to use guns.
  • I don't think "Keeping watch" should count in Ben's favor. The ONE time we saw him on watch, not 10 minutes later were bandits inside the walls and had taken almost EVERYONE hostage. Without a sound, too, until the leader started yelling.
  • Rock114;806063 said:
    I don't think "Keeping watch" should count in Ben's favor. The ONE time we saw him on watch, not 10 minutes later were bandits inside the walls and had taken almost EVERYONE hostage. Without a sound, too, until the leader started yelling.
    Lol I know, but I couldn't think of anything he's actually contributed to the group before. Kenny did say "I see you got the kid on watch again." So he must have done it before.
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