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Kingdom Hearts

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Title really says it all

I'm gonna start with i find really sad that Roxas spent the whole summer in a machine and has friends but they don't even know him and they don't try to become friends :(
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  • They could attempt to adapt the jokes into some cutscenes. :/
  • Turns out they had to rebuilt the graphics from the ground up for the HD collection.

    I approve of this. Takes a lot of balls to do that for an HD collection, ISN'T THAT RIGHT KONAMI.
  • Shit, now I need a PS3 even more.

    Of course, my busted graphics card is a little bit more pressing. I've been using my weak as hell laptop hooked up to my monitor for a month.
  • I want to see a Wreck it Ralph world in KH3, Come on and make it happen Disney.
  • I want to see a Wreck it Ralph world in KH3, Come on and make it happen Disney.

    That would be...rather meta...and effing awesome.
  • In no particular order the new worlds I'm hoping to see are...

    Wreck it Ralph
    Epic Mickey
    Jungle Book
    Toy Story
    Emperor's new Groove
    The Incredibles
    Monster's Inc
    A world actually based on the movie Lilo & Stitch as in the events of the movie
    Finding Nemo
  • Those are some neat ideas, and I'd be pretty happy with most of them. There's a few with some problems, though.

    Epic Mickey would be very weird and confusing. It wouldn't mesh well with the established history for the Disney characters in Kingdom Hearts. I would love to see them use Oswald in some way, though.

    A Lilo and Stitch world set in Hawaii during the movie could be fun, but the sort of prequel stuff we saw in Birth by Sleep was at least 11 years ago by this point (probably longer), and I think the events of the movie would be long over by now. Besides that, Stitch's role in Kingdom Hearts II would make this a little tricky to execute.

    Finding Nemo would be hard to pull off as well. It would be a little like having a Little Mermaid world all over again, but it wouldn't work nearly as well, as it would pretty much require Sora and friends to be turned into actual realistic fish.

    As much as I'd love to see some Pixar in Kingdom Hearts, only a select few of their movies would really work well at all. I could definitely see Toy Story working, with Sora and friends turned into toys. A Bug's Life might work well in a similar way. Monsters Inc. could work, but might be a little awkward, with the monsters being averse to humans, and Sora being a human in his default state (assuming he's a monster in this world). The Incredibles would probably be a lot of fun, and presents some interesting potential for team members. Cars would be...well, I don't see any way we're going to see a Keyblade-wielding car. Ratatouille would suffer from the same problem as Monsters Inc. and has the added problem of not being nearly as action oriented. WALL-E actually has a lot of potential and could be a ton of fun as a world. Up...maybe less so, but I can't say that it absolutely wouldn't work.

    But probably the Pixar movie that would be the best to adapt into a world would be Brave. Merida would be an excellent party character, and I could definitely see a lot of potential for the Heartless in that world, especially in connection to Mordu. And the world itself would be gorgeous and a lot of fun to explore.
  • The way I was thinking Epic Mickey could work like Timeless River where The Wasteland could be in Yen Sid's tower and when Sora,Donald,Goofy, and Mickey are in the tower they could get sucked into the Wasteland where Mickey transforms into his Epic Mickey self along with paintbrush and keyblade.
  • Perhaps the Wasteland could be a place that stores memories of those worlds lost to the darkness, or something similar.

    Anyway, people might not like me for this, but I'd like to see the following worlds in a future Kingdom Hearts game:
    • Danville (2) / Tri-State Area (2) (Phineas & Ferb)
    • Middleton (Kim Possible)
    • Gravity Falls (Gravity Falls)
    • The City That Never Sleeps (New York) / Andalasia (Enchanted)
    • Sky High (Sky High) BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, just kidding
  • Wasteland really wouldn't work in that sense for a couple reasons. First, the Final Mix of Birth by Sleep already showed that worlds consumed by darkness actually appear in the Realm of Darkness. In the playable secret ending, Aqua actually sees the Castle of Dreams appear in the Realm of Darkness. Second, Wasteland is already established as a distorted version of Disneyland. If it was used in that context, it would become something else, and it wouldn't really be wasteland anymore. Besides, a lot of Wasteland's identity hinges on the Thinner Disaster, which makes it a somewhat difficult world to traverse without the paintbrush, which is a mechanic Kingdom Hearts really couldn't handle the addition of.

    Besides, none of the Disney characters in Kingdom Hearts seem to have any idea that they're cartoons. This lack of awareness by itself would require a completely new background reason for Wasteland to even exist.

    As for your other ideas, Enchanted would be tricky to pull off just because giving Sora access to the real world would be complicated at best. And I can see where you're coming from on the others, but the only one that might work is Middleton, since Kim Possible has a bit of a serious action side to it. Don't get me wrong, I love Gravity Falls, but it's so damn silly, I could only see it working as a minigame world along the lines of the Hundred Acre Wood.
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