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Is christa pregnant?

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In the walking dead, there are many things that hint to us that she is pregnant. Here are some...

Episode 3: when you climb the ladder to christa and bromid (bromid becuz he's a bro)
They say something along these lines...

Omid: A group of guys is what we need
Christa: They're what you think we need, we're doing fine
Omid: For now, what about when...
Christa: Stop it!

When lee saves omid when he's catching up to the train

Omid when saved: You piece of shit! She's a woman, don't you know...
(Christa jumps on, interupting and stopping the conversation)

Now his tone of voice wasn't worry, he sounded like he was going to say something like

'Don't you know she's pregnant!'

That is my bit of theory. Let's move onto episode 4

Episode 4. When digging up the corpse, she threw up. This wouldn't be a suspicious thing if lee didn't say something like this...
'Are you okay? You're really pale and have been throwing up'
Christa: You dug up a dead dog, I'm suprisedb we weren't all throwing up!'
Something along them lines.

Then, in crawford...
*Lee looks at a sonogram*

Lee: What's this?
Christa: It's sonogram.
Weird, huh?

And then, after Lee plays the tape about the abortion, she starts crying!

This is unusual. She is probably in the same situation, realising that she can't raise a child in a world full of dead folk!

Episode 5. This is when shit gets weird.

In the attic when she's offered a drink. This is what happenes.

-Offered a drink
-Christa looks down to her stomach
-snatches drink
-Suprised, kenny looks down to her stomach, back at her, and his facial expression goes through the roof, like he knows what's going on.

Now, if you didn't save ben in episode 4, and christa jumps down into that building, kenny will save her (about time he did something good).
When they're all by the crossing, Lee says to christa.

Lee: Kenny was my friend
Christa: I'm sorry, lee
Lee: You know why he saved you
Christa: I was in trouble!

Something along those lines. Anyway, then this happens.

Lee: The marsh house is just around the block, we gotta figure out who's crossing this sign''
Omid: Well at least it doesn't look like a deathtrap
(Something blah blah blah)

Lee to omid and christa:

You've got a busted leg, and you (christa) are walking for two. TWO!

Come on, that line obviously means she's walking for herself and her baby that we don't know about -.-

Anyway, leave your thoughts and feedback! :)
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