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400 Days: Pick one to survivor

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**Sorry pick one to survive, not to survivor.. dumb me. ** :o

Pick only one of the five new characters for the DLC to survive. This is who you would think will survive whatever happens throughout the episode. It is likely more then one survive, but let's just say only one lives.

Just cause one starts on day 2 and one starts on day 236, doesn't really mean the people at the earlier stages last longer.

My vote is for Russell. For what we barely know of these characters, he comes off as the most survivalist type to me.
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  • Russell, he can be Clem big brother.
  • Russell, because I randomly chose.
  • Why Russel ? He is going to ben 2.0 from what i can tell on trailer
  • because clem needs a big brother, and the other guys are old as hell. She had a father in lee now she needs a brother
  • How is he going to be Ben 2.0? Until I see him wipe out half the group, I'll have to respectfully disagree.
  • He just seems the most aware to me. He travels light, he's not in a big group, he looks nervous when the truck comes so he most be used to bad people and knows to avoid strangers, and what I've gathered the truck driver is bad news.

    Vince also seems like he could handle his own.

    Bonnie looks to be in danger right away. I used to think she was being chased by the St. John's but this is day 220 so that's not the case, but someone is indeed looking for her.

    Wyatt is another who is in danger right away. Looks like they're being chased by the truck driver and an unwilling Russell.

    Shel has a group of people that look safe from the walkers at least. She would be my second pick, but she also is with the cancer patients so lets hope she has better luck with them then Lee did.
  • FoxxyFox;803909 said:
    Shel because she looked like Lilly and I want a woman as a main character.
    Same. Plus she seems like the quietly-badass type (she seems scared when she sees a walker up-close, but also at some point manages to smash through a fence with an RV, which is awesome).

    Shel for Season 2 main character.
  • Telltale already said in the gameplay demo that all 5 of them make it out.
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    maybe Bonnie.
  • I'm going to go with Vince.

    He's already killed, how hard is it to kill reanimated bodies? He also already has experience with a gun and I'm totally not biased or anything but he happens to be my favourite character shown so far :D
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