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How will YOU be playing 400 Days?

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So with 400 days upcoming, and with 5 protagonists and each of them having alot of choices too. how will you be playing it? I personally will mix and match between my survivors, make one really good morale and stuff, and one a complete phycopath etc.
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  • My theory is that the survivors of 400 days will meet up with Clementine. I'll be playing the nice ones carefully and the mean ones recklessly. I want to have a good group for Season 2.
  • I'll continue to follow the rule that Season 1 taught me: "Hope for the best, expect the worst."
  • I'll play the same way I played Season 1, by doing what I think I would do.
  • Well,I have a couple of saves,a 'good' character,and one more focused on survival.
  • Cthulhu42;803533 said:
    Same as I did with Lee.

    I do whatever it takes to keep the group alive.
    That goes double for me.
  • Being how there is 5 characters, I feel like I'll play a combination of what I would do and what that character would do.

    Unless it revolves around the Cancer Group - DEATH TO THEM ALL!
  • I'll play it by ear.

    Season One was a "Do what I'd do" season... this will be more.... flexible.
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    OzzyUK Moderator
    In Season 1 i made my own decisions on my first play through, on my second i played as Lee and on my third i messed around and did the weird and funny decisions. So i will be doing the same for 400 Days.
  • Well, instead of what I'd do with Lee, I'll mix it up. Vince will probably be selfish, living in the now with little foresight. Wyatt will also be lacking foresight, but with a Clem thing going on with his friend, (David?). Russell, smarter than the others but a bit Ben-ish. Bonnie and Shel I kind of need more information on to go in with a plan. Both will probably try and stay with their groups and protect them. I think Shel will be most Lee like of the lot when I'm playing with them.
    (Of course, that's all going to go straight out the window once in game)

    But one thing I'm unsure about, didn't they say the stories would interact, but still playable in any order? Did I get that right? Because I really don't understand how that could work if I play them in reverse order for example.
  • Completely ruthless and pragmatic
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