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The Xbox One

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Little surprised no-one's talking about the XBox One, which was officially announced today.

And has a stupid name.

Really, there's a lot we could say about this console, but I'll just bullet-point the best bits.

- It's called the XBox One. Even though it's actually the third. *sigh*
- The controller is extremely similar to the 360s, with a better D-Pad and higher Home button.
- It comes with an updated Kinect... that the console WILL NOT FUCTION WITHOUT.
- It won't be backwards compatible. With anything. 360 games, XBLA games, nothing. *facepalm*
- Playing a used game? You'll be charged a fee to do so.

In short - fail. The used games thing is perhaps the biggest kick in the teeth, and it's going to ruin this console.

EDIT: Oh, you're all talking about it in the "Whatever's On Your Mind" thread. Well, whatever.
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  • It's such a weird thing for them to do. I get the logic of not wanting to blow their load too early, but wouldn't they want to lead strong? I think a lot of people were assuming that Halo and AC would be the first of many strong titles, not the strongest titles.

    Apparently you have a limited amount of time to download these games as well. It's not tied to your account forever like PS+. MS is showing that they have no intention of competing with PS+.
  • Gibbeynator;804924 said:
    But is self publishing going to solve the $10,000 patch fee problem? Or Microsoft screwing the developer over on advertising? Microsoft has never been kind to indie developers that aren't Notch.
    Well, at least the 360 is free of it so far.
  • Gibbeynator;806690 said:
    The grand Microsoft backpedal continues. Remember Games with Gold and how we all laughed at the pitiful selection of games? Games with Gold has launched with the flagship game of Defense Grid, and an excuse that Microsoft never actually said that Halo 3 and Assassin's Creed 2 would be the first games out the gate.
    Well, um, they didn't. It's not an "excuse" to say you shouldn't be angry at them for breaking promises they didn't actually make.
  • Rather Dashing;806725 said:
    Well, um, they didn't. It's not an "excuse" to say you shouldn't be angry at them for breaking promises they didn't actually make.
    Still, they made absolutely no attempts to point out to everyone who was covering this that "No guys, we're just using those games as EXAMPLES of what we're doing, those won't actually be the games we're launching first." I still say it's backpedalling, those games were pretty much the punchline to this entire promotion.
  • I actually have to agree on that. They specifically put those two games as two games that would be on the Gold for Games thing. It's basically false advertisement, especially for those who actually signed up for Gold now. Now, sure, they eventually *might* make it, eventually, but it's just a bait and switch thing at the moment. Kind of a dick move if you ask me.

    It's kind of like saying, hey, we'll promise you a pizza if you sign up for our television and Internet services, only to then release the pizza after several weeks of not having anything to eat but ramen noodles.
  • Being fair but while I'm not sure if they promised AC2 & Halo 3 at E3. When you show them as the free games you are showing off then you are basically making it look like you will have them as the first games. Lets go back to E3 2012. Sony got to PS Plus, they went straight out and said Red Dead Redemption would be their game for September. Xbox tries to one up PS Plus by saying they will get 4 year old games a month then when it gets to July they find out that even then they get a 3 year old Tower Defence game. It would be disappointing to be excited for Halo 3 & AC2 and instead find out you a Tower Defence game.
  • I actually think these will be the first game once the ONE is released.
    Is it released yet? I don't know. I don't care for failure.
  • More quality Microsoft backpedalling, folks. This time, they're backpedalling from their backpedal on Games with Gold, and will be giving away Assassin's Creed 2 on July 16th.
  • Isn't that a good thing?
  • Gman5852;807781 said:
    Isn't that a good thing?
    Depends on what you want to hear people complain about for the next several months; either GwG is a massive bait-and-switch, or Microsoft is severely out of touch with what people like about PS+.
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