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After playing 400 Days, could you play a season 2 without season 1 characters?

posted by Joshua1991 on - last edited - Viewed by 487 users
If season 2 is a new storyline and new characters could you play it now that you played 400 days?

Personally imo I enjoyed the 400 days storylines more than season 1. Season 1 got boring for me after couple plays
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  • i'm sure they'd deliver a great story regardless of which characters they use... i didn't expect much from season1 and was totally wrong, hehe...

    so i'd be okay with them introducing a completely new storyline, but deep inside i don't want clementine's story to end like that... i want to know about her fate, since i spent the whole season1 "teaching" her how to survive in this chaos ridden world.

    to not tell us how clem's story continues... that would be a dick move to me
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