Telltale has denied the essence of their game ?

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I would like to shed lights on a massive problem : I don't understand why Telltale didn't let us choose who will leave with Tavia... It's disturbing because it seems to me that they are denying the essence of what they have done during season one...

I know that you have to assume your choices but I'm really disappointed that Telltale made such a mistake... Our decisions during the game should not determine the end of this DLC and it would be perfect to let us do this very last choice with Tavia !

However, if Vince/Russell/Shel/Wyatt is not the future PC during the season 2 it would be brilliant from Telltale, because I would feel like I have built the psyche of these secondary characters that will appear in season 2 !

This is why I see Bonnie as the PC for season 2 : no matter what she will always join Tavia's community.

What do you think about that?

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    I don't have this episode yet, but...have you read the rest of this board before posting? You can engineer a way them to join the group.
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    I know that eblocksonian. It's not the problem I want to talk about here ;)
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    I understand what you are saying, but it depends on the effect that decision is going to have on Season 2. It might not make a very big difference. I don't expect any of the 400 Days characters to be the PC in Season 2. None of them stands out as being more important than any of the others, and I think the only reason why Bonnie always joins Tavia is because it is in character to do so. She's needs people. The support of a large community would be appealing to her because of her need for support with her addiction.

    My only concern is that characters that did not join Tavia might not appear in Season 2, or maybe they have a smaller role. My two favorite characters of the bunch, Russell and Wyatt, did not join Tavia. So it'll be annoying if that diminishes their role in Season 2.
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