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Release on Windows Store for tablets?

posted by Vladdie on - last edited - Viewed by 7.9K users

I was wondering if Telltale have any plans to release the tablet version of The Walking Dead series on the Windows Store.

I tried the PC version of TWD on my new Windows 8 tablet but it ran very slow and was not suitable for touch controls. I assume the iPad version of TWD is a scaled down version that doesn't require much in terms of system specs you would find on a proper gaming desktop.

Could iPad version be ported to the Windows Store for people who have Surfaces and Windows 8 tablets which will grow a great deal over the next months/year?

I would happily buy the game again if I could play it with touch controls on my Windows 8 tablet. Is there any way to enable touch controls in the main PC game?
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    I second this.
    I own a tablet running Windows 8 (not Windows RT) and the game runs fairly well on lowest settings, but cannot be controlled by touch.
    Since the controls already exist for the iOs version and since more and more Windows 8 devices will be coming soon I would really like this emerging market to be taken into account.

    I would even buy Back to the future and Tales of Monkey island (although I usually steer clear off comedy games) if they supported multitouch controll on a Windows system. ;)

    There is just something immeasurably cool about sitting in a bus and playing point-and-click adventures by touch. :)
  • Would love to see an Windows 8/RT version as well. I own the Surface RT, great device only missing the walking dead game :)
    Although many people wont find their way to this topic i am sure, that once you release this game for windows 8 and RT/Arm many will buy it because of the quality en fun. :D
  • I just saw you guys gonna make a new epside (Walking Dead 400 days) Will you port it together with season 1 to the Windows Store (RT) for people who own a Surface tablet and then i mean the RT version just like the iPad. I know more people who really looking forward to this game for their Windows RT tablets. I self played it on my dads iPad and it would be great to buy it for my Surface RT.

    I hope someone of the Telltale Team can response that would be great :)
  • I support this got myself a Surface RT 2 months ago, amazing device only lacking amazing games of Telltale please bring Walking dead to Windows Store for the Surface RT. Ill buy the whole season :P At least let me know if you planning to bring it out on Windows Store. :)
  • You guys should really release the walking dead season 1 For the Windows store you'll Be one of the few high quality game/apps and their is a lot of potential For this kind of games. Please let us know ��
  • Another one who would like this on his Windows 8 RT surface :). Would be nice if it was a Xbox Live version of the game too with achievements! It would sit nicely on my tag next to my completed Xbox 360 version! :).

  • Count me in too, would love to see this game, and maybey more :), on my Windows 8 RT surface. Can a admin let us know something? Do we need a number of people in this topic the show the support ;) ?
  • Really looking forward to play the walking dead season 1 on my Lenovo RT Yoga 11 tablet.
    Got hooked up on your games ever since monkey island, your version ofcourse.
  • So far played a demo of the walking dead only buying it, if it comes out in the Windows Store on my Surface RT tablet. But i will buy when it does :D
  • Would be more than glad if Telltale brings some of their games to the Surface RT. Myself i own the Dell XPS 10 but that is practically the same kind of device, also RT. Hope if you have plans that you guys bring the Walking Dead first and then Sam & Max ofcourse ;)
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