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The Walking Dead "launcher" weird behavior

last night, while I was waiting for 400 Days to be released, I launched the game to see if the dlc was made available. But something strange happened: the screen remained black for a while, nothing was responding so I forced it to close (but it was quick, no windows, nothing: it closed smoothly). When I start the game again and I get to the "click to continue" screen, I get the "loading" screen again (so the loading screen appears twice before the main menu) then it connects and gets to the main menu, but the news on the upper part of the screen disappear... and every once in a while, when I go to the "download content" screen, some episodes appear to be uninstalled (but I never uninstalled them) and when I push the "get" button, they start downloading but soon after (before 10% of download) the episodes are listed as "installed" again... What can it be? Is because of this that I didn't get Italian subtitles?
By the way, my OS is Windows 7 64 bit


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    ok everything is fine now... I uninstalled the game and downloaded the v3 installer from my user page and finally I can play with italian subtitles... I still had v2 installed... someone from TellTale should have said v3 was necessary for multilanguage subtitles, though...
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