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Telltale Fans Exclusive Interview!

posted by Heatherlee Telltale Alumni on - last edited - Viewed by 2.2K users
Dear Telltale Fans,

Because of your continued loyalty and love we have decided to give you, our stalwart fans, a chance to interview the Telltale team.

Here’s how this will work:

Amongst yourselves choose a moderator for this project. I don’t care how you do it, its completely up to you. I would recommend someone who works well with others.

Use the bulletin board to discuss which questions you would like to ask. They could be about anything related to Telltale…our staff members, Bone, Hold Em, Dank, donuts…anything.

You get 20 questions. (Multi-part questions will be disqualified).

Once you are satisfied, the moderator is in charge of making sure the questions are what everyone is expecting and then posting them.

I will make sure the correct people answer the questions. The answers will be in the next Telltale Blog.

During the above process, I will attempt to help you out by heading off any questions to which I am pretty sure the answer would be along the lines of “we can’t tell you.” (You probably have a decent idea of what these are). I don't promise I'll catch them all, though.

So there you have it. A Telltale Fans Exclusive Interview. Feel free to start a new thread to get organized, or just use this thread. The choice is up to you.
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    If I were to take a random bet I'd say that I don't think they've done the voice casting for Bone yet
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    Maybe someone should just put together an ultimate FAQ thread or webpage somewhere.
    Okay, we should just use this as a rough draft at the moment. Then when we have all the questions ,( Maybe aim for a good selection of questions around 30-40), we can start another thread where we start eliminating questions.

    Heres more of my questions.

    What is the most difficult part for working at Telltale?
  • Here's another from me;

    Are you going to cater to the still significant part of the gaming community (especially outside of the USA) who are not broadband enabled and for whom a 15 MB download is offputting?
  • My questions:

    How often will the episodes of Bone be released?
    How much will the episodes cost?
    Will the Bone games include the infamous "cut-scenes" that many other adventure games employ as a story-telling device?
    What are your future plans for the characters from TT Texas Holdem?
    How did you get to be so cool?
  • oh here is another ( though it's going to be very multipartish so it will have to be reworked)

    Whats the pay structure for those at tell tale? What does an entry level position make vs a lead? What are the hours like?(hopefully not as evil as EA =P)
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    unfortunately i dont have any samples ready at this point, but soon i will. i like speaking in accents and i'm pretty good at impressions off the top of my head.
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    As usual I come in late.
    Most of my questions are taken already, but...

    -Will there be a physical medium avialable for BONE? In otherwords a CD.

    -Will the supporting characters have some kind of AI or will they just have set dialogue paths like previous adventure games?

    -Will there be multiple player-controlled characters per title?

    (And off of Alucard's question...)
    -How would someone go about getting an entry level position at TellTale if they have little to no industry experiance? :((

    That's all for now.
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    Great that's 35. Let's start up round 2. The elimination. Last minute entries will be excepted.
  • I have some additions, if I may. Some are rephrasings of some topics that are touched upon by others.

    You were mentioning in an early interview that you were planning to have a schedule eventually for episodic releases of several game-series, is that something you're still planning to do, or is Bone the main focus for now?

    Are you planning to exclusively distribute all your games electronically, or are you considering other options aswell?

    What can we expect from the game-engine, how is it shaping up?

    Being that many of you were on the Sam&Max team, and founding TellTale was in part inspired by the cancellation of that project, do you have any juicy tidbits to share with us about the game, or the making of the game?

    Don't you think it's a bit of a risky move to exclusively distributed your games digitally, seeing as most companies who have walked that road before you, has failed? How will you succeed, where others have failed?

    Describe a typical workday at TellTale.

    Do you have any plans for any other games than Bone yet, maybe even working on other ideas during the development of Bone?

    Who killed Brendan?

    i guess that will do.
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    I've added yours Apignarb, but I don't think we can take anymore. As it is we will have to cut half of the questions away.
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