400 days bugged Russell

I installed and played through 4 of the 5 characters stories in 400 days today.

The problem I'm having is in Russell's section, just after arriving at the gas station. The gunman starts shooting, I dodged to the gas pumps. Nate yells to get behind the truck, which I do. He then says to have a look at where the shooter is. I look over the truck, and duck back down after the gunman shoots.

At this point, the edges of the screen go red, and it eventually makes a gunshot sound and the game over screen appears. After clicking to continue, it puts me just after I see the gunman and duck down, Nate starts talking, a gunshot is heard, and I go to the game over screen again.

The only way to get out of the loop is to hit alt-f4. On reloading the save, I end up at the same point, with Nate talking, a gunshot, and game over. I tried exiting out of steam and reloading, but that doesn't work either. I'm uninstalling/re-installing to see if that somehow fixes the problem.

Any other advise would be appreciated.



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    Seen this bug several times, not on my playthrough but on other players games. Either immediately retry or just restart that one story. Doesn't take long, it's like a maximum of 10 minutes or something to get back to that point.
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    We've determined that this can occur if you rapidly flick the left stick up and down before the down arrow appears on screen. Please rewind to the most recent checkpoint (Russel's chapter) and try again. Only press the left stick up once and then down once and you should not encounter this issue again. We do apologize for the inconvenience and hope that this suggestion helps to resolve your issue.
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