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The Walking Dead - Store bought hardcopy (Disc) - Unable to obtain 400 Days DLC.

posted by knivesstryfe on - last edited - Viewed by 2.8K users
I purchased The Walking Dead from EB Games (The Australian Best Buy) a few weeks ago and would like to know how I can obtain the DLC - 400 Days?

Will it be available for standalone purchase via the Telltale store or is there no possible way for me to obtain it at this point in time and for the foreseeable future?

I no longer have my receipt showing my purchase as I did not anticipate this issue arising. I assumed the game would come with a CD key for authentication, which to my surprise it did not.

If required I can submit a photo of my game with newspaper with the current date or attempt to obtain a new receipt from the store I purchased this from.

I would greatly appreciate a prompt and helpful response.

Thank you,

- Knivesstryfe
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  • I can't imagine how they could let something like this happen. I was dumb enough to buy 400 Days at amazon not knowing that all I was going to get was a useless steam key. Telltale needs to send everyone who bought the BestBuy version a key or code so that they can download The Walking Dead season 1 preferably from the Telltale store.
  • this is a email I was sent from telltale, (they are closed on holidays so won't be until the 5th "I hope" for getting these steam keys)

    We are aware that customers who’ve purchased the PC retail disc version of The Walking Dead will not have access to ‘400 Days’, the Special Episode DLC released for Season 1. At this time, we are offering all PC retail disc customers Steam codes to download the first season (Episode 1-5) of The Walking Dead, so that they can then acquire ‘400 Days’. You can find the PC retail disc Code Redemption Form here ( Please read through this document in its entirety and follow all instructions to claim your Steam codes.
  • impeedoffanangry, thank you for your very helpful response.
    I hope we both come out of this with steam keys :)
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