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[TWD] Save/Rewind Related Help - Steam

posted by DamionMachina on - last edited - Viewed by 1.7K users
I have a few questions, and Google searching for answers didn't really answer them specifically. I apologize if these have been answered ad nauseum at this point.

Firstly, I have the game (and 400 Days) on Steam, and I've completed both the main game and the 400 Days DLC. I've never encountered the widely reported save game issue wherein progress is not saved, thus making progression impossible. All of my choices and progress have saved just fine, however the name of the save file always reads "Chapter 1" and the time/date I began playing. If I load that file I am able to continue from my actual last save, and saving there will update the save file description for that session to display the current, correct save info (Chapter 5, today's date, for example). However, if I exit the game entirely, the next time I launch it the save file will once again read Chapter 1 and the originally saved date. Again, this doesn't effect the actual save data, just the name of the file.

Because of the above issue, when I COPY a save file and then try to run the copied file, the game acts like I am still on Chapter 1, reflecting the save description rather than the actual save. If I exit the game after copying a file, then reload the game, the copied file is gone and only the original file remains, still reading Chapter 1, but still accurately reflecting my progress.

I have read various community-suggested fixes for the general "game data doesn't save" issue, but because that is not my issue, I don't know if that will solve my problem. I also do not want to risk losing my actual save data, since the description does not reflect the actual save data. I worry that messing with the actual files in the program folder will result in the game nullifying the saved data and going with the described data instead.

Secondly, after finishing 400 Days and being dissatisfied with my results, I want to play through it again. However, when I choose 400 Days from the chapter selection list, it takes me to the last save, prior to the game's epilogue, rather than offering a rewind feature so that I may restart from the beginning. Is there any way to play through 400 Days again on a current save? Or is it a one-time deal, meaning I will have to start an all new save in order to play through it from the beginning?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
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