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Tool for "fan translations"?

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...I love The Walking of my top-5 favorite games of all's amazing, and I want to share my experience with my friends and family in my homeland...but as it turns out, unlike me, they don't speak any foreign languages...they're from Bulgaria, which is not in the list of official translations.

So I've researched around the internet and I noticed that many people made fan-translations...but noone posted how they did it. I tried posting in some forums and websites, but noone replied to me.

So I was there a tool or program or something specific they use? Or if someone knows how I can make a fan-translation?
I'm very experienced in translating (it's kind'a my job) and I'm sure I can easily translate all the text in the game if I can find a way to do so (much how other games such as Syberia are translated).

Any tips or help on how to do that will be greatly appreciated.
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    Macfly77 Moderator
    Sorry, but to quote Telltale's Mattp:
    MattP;810304 said:
    We do not allow any form of modification to the game data, including localizations not released by our company, as this violates the terms of our copyright. However, we have just released translations in multiple different languages.
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