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I am currently in a pretty tight situation with my saves for Walking Dead. Keep in mind I NEVER had any problems whatsoever (Albeit maybe a few minor glitches and a choice in episode 3 which they weren't clear on the true outcome, but I digress.) but ever since I had to move my PC to my living room and play on my HD TV, I tried to boot up Walking Dead after I installed '400 Days'. The issue there was the res was so low for the TV that it would just show up as black on full screen. I had no way to manually change it from the files or the pref.prop for that matter so I went on here and downloaded a pref file on here from another forum: http://www.telltalegames.com/forums/showthread.php?t=44879

Well, that fixed that but before I even downloaded that, I decided to reinstall the dang game since I thought "Hey, it had ridiculously high settings when I first booted it up, it should happen again!" but I was dead wrong. Anyway, so the pref fixed that, but then I noticed my save was gone. The saves are still IN the Walking Dead User file and all, but Jeez, the numbers go from 1 to 69. I did check the forums for a solution to this problem, finding this older post from a year ago: http://www.telltalegames.com/forums/showthread.php?t=29343

But then I noticed a big issue, its primarily to solve any save issues for Episode 1; that said its for a few saves at most, not all the way up to say 31. So when I say "progress lost" in the title of this thread, I mean the 'entire game' is gone now. Now I love this game, but I am not going to sit and play through it again just to make the same exact choices and witness the same exact outcomes just to play the $5 DLC I bought. Does anyone know what to do in such a case scenario? Thank you for reading.

One more thing, I am using the Steam version of the game, just incase there was anything to note about any solutions. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all and have a good evening.


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    The prefs.prop is required to access the .save files, by overwriting it you lost your progress.
    If you still have the original prefs.prop, copy it back, and then press Alt-Enter during the black screen. It will switch the game to windowed mode and let you change the resolution.

    If you don't have the original prefs.prop, the only chance to get at least some of your progress back, is trying the "restore previous version" feature (right click, "properties", "restore previous version") on the prefs.prop in the savegame folder ( %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Telltale Games\The Walking Dead )
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    Ok, I did save my old pref file in the case I could undo something to it. Here is the problem that I am facing in this; from the start of it all, I played Walking Dead on a smaller monitor, not the HD tv I am currently using right now. I had to set the game to about 1024 or 800x600 and it was at full screen, the HD tv however is very picky with some games. It won't boot up games properly unless the games are set to 1770x900, anything close to that number.

    I have the ability to adjust the screen resolution on my desktop, maybe I can lower the res, put the original pref file back in, and see if I can go anywhere from there. I am going to try that out and see if I can get any results.
    Thank you for the information!
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    Well, I somewhat fixed it. If I want to keep my res at normal and at full screen, its just not happening for some reason. But if I lower the res on my screen low enough, the game will function just fine (With some minor lag, but that may have been persistent even before this.). But still, at least I can finally start playing '400 Days'.

    Again, thank you very much for the help on this and have a good evening!
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