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The Simpsons tapped out

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I was curious if anyone has played this simpsons game for the IOS marketing. Alright, homer is busy playing an IOS game at the power plant. His actions for being focused on the game over his job causes the plant explodes and wipe out all of Springfield. So its up to you the player to rebuilt the town. So far the game is fun on one small criticsm.

Don’t pick the grow the corn in cletus’s farm unless if your willing to wait for 90 days. I thought it was 90 hours but I was wrong.
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  • Have you been to Paradise recently?

    Come visit our Plaza of Wonders!

    We have recently finished construction on a new park to compliment our annex!

    And of course our famous Civics Square. Come enjoy a restful meditation beside the river, an enjoyable evening at our surrounding restaurants, and watch as political power is wielded at City Hall!
  • Quit showing off how much free time you have.
  • 1064762_10100935896567825_421156901_o.jpg

    While you're visiting, come see the Springfield Woodlands! Located on the eastern outskirts of the city, the woodlands stretch from the majestic mountains upholding the Springfield Sign, past the Volcano Lair, over the falls and past Mount Carlmore. As if this wasn't enough, attractions on the ground include Snake Stump Field, the Springfield Observatory, Fort Sensible, and the Log Cabin of our time traveling president, Abraham Lincoln!
  • :eek:. Dashi, your making me jealous on how good your springfield looks.
  • Guys, I finally decided to do the corn grow waiting game. Now I'm only up to eleven days left!
  • So, uh, I just tried to connect to the game and it started me from scratch before saying it couldn't connect.

    I am now incredibly paranoid that I've lost all my progress.

    EDIT: Every time I try to load it, it just replays the game from the start, including that goddamn unskippable opening cutscene. And then, when it gets to the actual game, it locks up or says 'can't connect to server'.

    I am in deep, deep shit.

    EDIT 2: Phew, I'm OK. Had to log out and then back in again. That was a minor panic.

    The moral of the story: If your tablet is running low on power, STOP PLAYING.
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    Jennifer Moderator
    Dagnabbit! My game's stuck. I'm at the build the Malaria Zone quest on the Squidport quests. Part of the quest is to have 8 boardwalk sections. I now have 7 sections in my inventory, but the game's only counting 6 (it's apparently been stuck longer than that, since it used to count the four sections I already used, but it hasn't been counting them since I built Skip's Diner. I was hoping the game would get unstuck once I physically had 7 sections, but no dice :().

    EDIT: D'oh, I figured out the problem. You have to actually 'place' them. I wish they would have stated it that way (instead of saying you have to 'have' them), it would have saved me quite a bit of time.
  • If anyone around here still plays this game, feel free to add me. Username is Gibbeynator, and I'm on every day.

  • I think it's crap that if you miss a update you can't get the stuff from it anymore.

  • Thanks to a present I got for Christmas, I can play this again. If you want to add me, you can easily find my username on the first page.

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