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**** Survived!!!! :eek:

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K..... Yes there are two optional endings, and both seem to end with Lee dead. But how can that be? You the player are Lee. And we already know there will be a second season.

So, lets explore the options.

First and most obvious, is the optional ending where Lee is just left behind. So the option of him being dead could be that he just passed out due to the loss of blood.

And in the alternative option.... Clem shoots Lee. Kinda of a final blow with absolute certainty that lee is dead. Or is it? I mean Clem did just learn how to shoot a gun and the all important feature of her closing her eyes as she fired could be a miss shot on an already passed out Lee.

So you see..... there is still hope you will be playing as Lee in Season 2.

Thoughts or conjectures? Because I'm convinced this is how it will be.

I believe I answer everyone's questions regarding how he can survive through out this thread.... but due to a troll, I refuse to continue with pointless banter after page 5. However if you have a real question that I have not answered I will attempt to answer it...

But think about this point first; there is NO proof that Lee is dead.
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  • Lee dying was the perfect ending. It was emotional, it was depressing and frankly, it's probably for the best. It would be the most anti-climatic beginning if season 2 began with Lee waking up and being like "oh wait i'm not dead lol".

    If lee didn't get shot, the screen wouldn't fade to black. Clementine would fulfill Lee's request, which was to shoot him, i doubt she just gave up, said fuck it and left after she "missed". If Lee only passed out instead of dying and turning into a walker, there wouldn't be anyone to help him either.

    Savannah is overrun with walkers, there's barely any soul in it that lives. Nobody knows Lee's location, which is the jewerly store where he passed out, and even if somebody did, Clementine locked them in. Now you're thinking, "Maybe the survivor who finds Lee passed out will go through the door that Clementine escaped through?". Bear in mind that it takes more then only a few minutes to turn into a walker, it would be ridiculous luck if somebody found Lee, happened to have the needs to heal his wounds and quickly got him up before he turned into a walker. And of course, we all know how luck goes in the world of The Walking Dead. There ain't any luck.

    And so, with those words, i officially close the case. Lee's dead. Move along.
  • Lee is dead, so is Kenny, Doug, Carley, Ben, and whoever the Hell one would think would have survived a fatal injury, walker bite, and gunshot in the head. The Walking Dead is different where ppl stay dead or undead.

    I want Glenn to survive, but seeing how he was brutally beaten, he's dead
  • Ya that thing with Glenn... That was rough... I did not ever for one moment think Lee Carley or Ben was alive, hell I did not think Kenny was alive in the beginning but someone told me all the facts and that convinced me.
  • Boy, I'm sure glad I'm caught up on the comic.
  • O god I am so sorry I did not think that would a spoiler, well good thing you read up to that point, by the way what is your thought of the quality.
  • That is something we can agree on, the big man himself did not survive but his memory will live on with Clementine.
  • My only goal in the whole game was to survive the apocalypse with clementine and find a safe place. If Lee really died ,he died to early. He doesnt even know her favourite color or something about her...Everyone who says this was the best ending to think of doesnt know shit!
  • Nunyabiznes;734054 said:

    So you see..... there is still hope you will be playing as Lee in Season 2.
    No there isnt. This is another Carley got shot in the cheek foolishness. Lee is dead.
  • This what happens when you make good characters, people do not want to believe they are dead which means Telltale did there job well.
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