Mac Steam 400 Days wipes saved games

After installing the 400 days DLC via Steam on my Mac, I was dismayed to see my saved games were gone and it was acting like a brand new installation! I had run the game the day before the DLC was available to check everything was fine and my saves were there.

So, looking at the existing threads with similar issues, I managed to restore my prefs.prop file to ~/Library/Application Support/Telltale Games/thewalkingdead/prefs.prop from my TimeMachine backup - ran the game and my saves were back! "Hooray" I thought. Also my preferred play resolution was back (2880x1800 - Retina MacBookPro)/

Then I clicked "play" on the 400 days episode - and immediately the game left fullscreen and changed to windowed mode. Uh Oh. I checked my prefs.prop file and it had changed from 62.7KB back to ~5KB. I quit the game and relaunched it, and sure enough my saves were gone again.

So it looks like I can't play 400 days using my previous choices - which kinda sucks seeing how these choices are a major selling point of the game.

If anyone has any ideas - I'd rather wait and not play this until I can do so using my previous choices.

If I find a solution I'll be sure to update here.



  • bedbed
    edited July 2013
    So I ended up installing on Windows (via Steam). Steam Sync didn't do anything, so I manually copied my props.pref file over from the Mac and it picked it up ok.

    I'm not sure what choices from eps1-5 actually made a difference in the game apart from the mention of the boat stealing - but at least I've got my full save history from all eps ready for season 2 now.
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