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Respond With A Quote From Anything

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Just like the other thread, but easier. And yes, I am a thread thief. Just, please, try to make it flow...

I'll let the next person start it, then.
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  • "I can't believe what I just saw!" "Yeah, I know. This game sucks."
  • "These games suck Baragon's sweaty ball sack! I'd rather get a shock from sucking Mechagodzilla's mechanical wiener! These games are SHIT drizzling out of the Smog Monster's rancid, putrid A-hole and then being swallowed up and barfed back up by Anguirus while I lay on his spikes getting Gigan's buzzsaw up my ass while DESTOROYAH dumps his diabolical diarrhea all over my face!"
  • ill just go with what Winslow always when something that funny about a location in monkey island is said
  • Oh, and every great game has a map screen, and being that the game is mostly side scrolling, you can't tell which direction you're supposed to be going. But, that's cool. It's cool. It makes it more challenging. I like that. Like when you're walking left but really heading to the right on the map? I love figuring that shit out. ...I love it. ...It's just great. LIKE PUKE UP A DONKEY'S ASS!
  • [CENTER]You and your friends
    are DEAD.

  • The first warning sign is that the manual is thick enough to beats goats to death with and then once you get into the game, the user interface is just a few steps shy of Microsoft Access in terms of friendliness. There's your inventory screen, your character screen, your alchemy screen, your glossary, your quests, your map, you have to switch between combat mode and stand-around-picking-your-nose-while-enemies-carve-you-like-turducken mode. And once you're in combat mode, do you fight in strong, fast or group style? And if you'll be wanting to mix potions then I hope you've gone through the necessary eight-week correspondence course. If disliking this sort of shit makes me stupid, then call me Retard McSpackypants, but I'd rather be stupid and having fun than bored out of my huge genius mind.
  • If you dtont have anything to say doont sa y anthing at all
  • Oh, my! R2, can you hear me? Say something!

    You can repair him, can't you?
  • I'm... REPAIRMAN-man-man-man-man-man-man...!
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