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    Holy Moly! Please someone shake me and wake me up! Am I dreaming? Sam N' Max and Telltale?

    WOO HOO!!!!
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    I'm thrilled about this, and at the same time a little nervous- Telltale has the talent to make this a great game gameplay wise, but in terms of presentation, I'm not sure what to expect. Out from Boneville felt so low-budget, and Sam and Max just shouldn't feel like that, especially since what was shown of Freelance Police was a perfect vision of the franchise in 3D.

    In other words, everybody keep supporting Telltale's other products. The more they get, the better the output.
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    =P~ Oh, man...

    I would be leaping with joy right about now, but I just remembered it won't likely be sold in retail stores, which really excludes me from the happy crowd as I like to have an actual printed disc to make an image of and put in my safe for protection from wear and tear. Yeah, I'm a collector. Guess I won't be able to collect this. :-s

    When I buy a game, I expect to get an actual physical media that I can preserve and protect, something I won't risk losing because of a system crash, and something I can store for years and use with other systems when ports come along.

    Telltale, I can't thank you enough for saving Sam & Max, and I really want to support you, but unless you're going to sell this game on real discs in worldwide retail, I won't be able to (no, I don't buy online, and I don't like credit cards).

    For the record, I'd also like to see the Bone game(s) go retail.

    I'd tell you to take this as a friendly cluebatting, but I'm too happy with Sam & Max being revived to deal any harsh words right now. :x

    On a related note, are or will these games be usable under WINE or even natively under Linux? That and retail availability would make my day...

    Final request: engine source -> ScummVM team when the game is retired... at least that'd guarantee portability.
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    Oh lordy - how many more people can complain about not having a piece of plastic to keep in a draw!?

    Retail is a DEAD option for adventure games - EA/Ubisoft/etc have seen to that - there is limited shelf space, and only the triple-A super-budget 20-sequel franchises can survive there!

    Adventure games *CANNOT* be sold in retail any more - since the days of Lucasarts, they have *always* been "sleeper hits" - meaning no - they did not sell 500,000 in the first month... but five years later, they were *still* selling...
    - well, this can't happen in retail any more - there's too much competition... a game absolutely must sell hundreds of thousands very fast to stay on the shelves - and adventure games never have done that, and never will!

    Digital-distribution is the *only* way forward - like it or lump it, adventure games would no longer exist without it - quit complaining, and accept the inevitable, go get yourself a debit/credit card, and a broadband connection, and realise that having a game distributed online is the *ultimate* form of backup! - there's no way it can ever get scratched - your house could burn down, and you'd still own a pristine shiny new copy of your game - only a username-and-password away!

    (btw - this isn't directed personally at cappuchok - just a general "wake up" to all you people obcessed with holding a box in your hands - this is the future, and its a good future - it may be difficult, but try and adjust!)
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    Ditto, GrimDanfango, Ditto

    The soon this happens the better.
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    I may agree with GrimDanFango on this. Besides, I often hear about how expensive it can get just for packaging a game in large numbers.

    And Wile E, trust me, this is not a dream.
  • You can still burn a copy of the game to a CD if you really want to. Also, if you delete the game or your system crashes it's not a problem. All you have to do is download the file again and re-activate. You don't purchase it again. What's the big deal?

    I have trouble understanding why someone would refuse to buy a game soley because it doesn't have a box. I'm a collector myself, and I love having the boxes to my old games. But seriously, having a cool, gigantic box and all that cool stuff in it is a thing of the past. Nowadays, with a few exceptions, you get a small box, a jewel case, and a budget manual. That's about it. It's not like they put stuff like the awesome newspaper from Zak McKracken or the huge fold-out bulletin board from Maniac Mansion in your packages anymore. What exactly are we missing out on? In Europe it's simply a DVD case. Period. If Bone were sold in stores we wouldn't get anything more than a small, pretty piece of cardboard with a CD in it. There wouldn't be all these fun useless things that they used to stuff in boxes 10 years ago. Plus, Bone has a better chance of finding an audience through online distribution, and everyone can get the game quickly and easily the day it comes out. Yes, I fully appreciate the coolness and security of having a box. I really do. But it's not realistic. If I really wanted to, I could buy a DVD case, make make own slip cover, burn the game to a disc and put it on my shelf. That's probably better than what I'd get if the game was on a store shelf (no doubt behind seventy boxes of GTA and every other game on the market).
  • ...go get yourself a debit/credit card, and a broadband connection, and realise that having a game distributed online is the *ultimate* form of backup!
    With downloads in the 55 - 75 MB range, there's no need to shift to Broadband (not just for telltale anyway). I manged the 75MB download in about 3 hours on dialup. Sure beats the 6 months plus I'd be waiting for a boxed version to be released down here (eg. Psychonauts)
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    I'm happy Sam & Max are resurrected again, but I still miss FP. From what I could see, it was going to be a long good game with a rich and detailed world. And that is the reason I feel a little insecure about this.

    I don't want Sam & Max to be in episodic format. I want a long and detailed game that makes up for all the waiting and the mourning for Freelance Police and a new Sam & Max game in general. It's too long since the first game, and I want a great follow-up. The episodic format would have been great after a long Sam & Max 2, but first I want the long game I've been waiting for. In comic magazines, the stories that's just one page can't really be compared to the long stories that lasts for many pages. Of course the one-pages are nice and funny, but it's the longer stories that mostly are the most exciting and interesting ones.

    I don't want the detailed world to suffer because everyone should be able to download it on a 56 modem. You could at least sell cd-r's with the game files on to the people that can't download it because of the size. In that way you won't get the huge cost of packaging, and the people that downloads the game won't miss anything special since it's just regular cd-r's. I want a world that I really can explore!

    You did a too great job at Freelance Police for LucasArts, and I still hate them for cancelling it. I want you to make a game that makes them weep and hitting themselves for cancelling the game and let such talented people leave the company.

    I know that I expect too much, but I just wanted you to know my thoughts about it. And I want you to know that I am more than willing to wait another 2-3 years to get the game I have waited for (as long as you keep posting screenshots etc ;)) than having 2-3 episodes a year.

    The best wishes, and good luck!
  • You're not alone, but that seems unlikely.
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