Save games not retaining information

Last night, after 7 months away, I resumed playing The Walking Dead (PC/Steam) Episode 2. I finished Episode 2, and went to continue on with Episode 3. I was asked if I wanted to "Generate Story Decisions for Skipped Episodes?" which I assumed meant it wasn't keeping my decisions from Episodes 1, 2, or both.

Eventually after doing some googling and messing with the prop files for awhile, I couldn't resolve it and just ended up answering "Yes" to the above question and starting Episode 3. I played for 20 minutes or so, and then quit out and went to bed.

Today, I go back to the game, and it's acting as if I haven't played ANY of episode 3. I decided, since I had to restart Ep 3 anyways, to replay the last chapter of episode 2 and try to complete it again, hoping the carryover would work this time. However, when I tried to restart chapter 8, I got a black screen.

I quit out, and tried to restart chapter 7 instead, and this time it just did a full restart of Episode 2 for me.

I'm getting frustrated. I just want to play Episode 3 with the decisions I've already made.

I had copied Save Game 1 to slot 2 before messing with the prop files, and then when I had the rewind files, I copied slot 2 to slot 3 before messing with anything else, so Slot 3 is the least modified of my games.


  • DjNDBDjNDB Moderator
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    please rename the prefs.prop in
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\The Walking Dead\Pack\default
    to prefs.prop.bak to deactivate it.
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