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Walking Dead File Damaged... Mac Problem

posted by TubeTonic on - last edited - Viewed by 969 users

I have the problem that my mac says after I want to start the game "File damaged - put it to trash"...

I find the info to change gatekeeper settings but I dont know how or where?

Cannot find it on my mac (Mountainlion).

Help please!
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  • Have fixed it! Its easy.

    Just go to security preferences and say that all apps are allowed and not only the apps from appstore. Than all works fine!
  • I have this same issue and don't want to change my security settings. I tried Ctrl-Click and select Open which works on all other software I downloaded, but it doesn't work with TWD. I hope TTG releases a fixed for this as I don't want to leave my Mac vulnerable because of this game.
  • Will try it right away. I am downloading the game once again (6th time), I thought the DMG file was corrupted, but the DMG check on opening was OK though...
  • Worked fine. Thanks TubeTonic.
    I tried to launch it with the right click last time, and it always worked with unsigned apps. Except TWD.
    Another thing now. The game doesn't allow me to download Episode 2 and 3, already available... Do I have to finish the 1st episode in order to download the 2 sequels ?
  • This is probably really late but how to you get all apps to be allowed on your mac?
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    DjNDB Moderator
    alorenzo35;814442 said:
    This is probably really late but how to you get all apps to be allowed on your mac?
    I hope these instructions help you.
    MattP;809623 said:
    To fix this issue you will need to disable Gatekeeper. To do this, click the Apple logo on the top toolbar and select System Preferences. Now select Security. If the padlock in the bottom left corner of this screen is not open, click on it. You will now see 3 options for downloaded applications, they are: Mac Store, Mac Store and identified developers, and Anywhere. Please select Anywhere and then confirm your selection. Once this is done, please attempt to download the installer from our website. You should no longer see the damaged file messaging.
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