400 Days DLC - free or not?

Hello, hello!

Here's my question. I bought The Walking Dead in the form of pre-order in 2012 on Telltale store. If anyone of you remembers, there was some tech glitch, so the buyers were issued with Steam keys until download version from the store is ready.

So technically, I'm eligible for free DLC, right?

The question I have is will Telltale buyers who played via Steam be granted a free DLC? I'm not really in the situation to purchase it right now. I could play it by downloading it from Telltale store, but since all my stats are on Steam, I would like to continue there.

So, do we get a free DLC for The Walking Dead (automatically or can we request a Steam key from you?) or not?


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    I'm wondering the same thing... I don't really want to reinstall the game from the TTG store...
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    The free DLC is only for the Telltale store version, so you'd need to download The Walking Dead from the Your Games page and install 400 Days from the in-game menu.
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    The TTG store version of the Walking Dead uses the same save directory as the Steam version. If you installed the TTG version you should be able to load your saves, though I recommend backing up your entire save folder first, just to be safe.
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    OK, thanks for the reply. I sure as hell would like to get another Steam copy, but if you cannot do it, you cannot do it. Anyway, I've downloaded launcher, installed it, signed in with my credentials, it recognized my saved game from Steam, BUT, I can only rewind to part 1 of the game, while others, including DLC are ''coming soon'', they're locked. I don't have the time to play from the beginning. What can I do to unlock "400 Days"?
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    Problem fixed. A restart of the game was needed after first login. Thank you.

    And truly, think about handing out Steam keys to people who preordered this game and got it via Steam because you had a problem with your servers. We've started playing on Steam, got used to it, wanna continue there.

    Just think about it. Making customers happy should bring us back anytime.
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