Walking Dead Game won't launch?

Hello guys ^^

Okay, so my Walking Dead game is my pride and joy. I have played it a million times on this computer, and I went to start it up so I could download 400 Days. And for some reason it won't start? It's played millions of times before on this computer. I've deleted it and re-downloaded it...
It keeps starting up. I click the 'Click To Continue', it says it's loading then it just freezes, but the sounds of buzzing flies are in the background still.

I may just be an impatient person, but why is it doing this? Should I wait longer, is there something else I should be doing?



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    Exact same happens for me. They are probably aware of it but an update would be nice.
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    I have the same issue, stuck at the "connecting" screen.
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    Exact same problem here with the Mac version.
    If you go offline the game launches fine.
    Apparently it has something to do with the online connection.
    Telltale please please fix this ASAP


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    The game silently downloads updates at the beginning, which can take a while depending on your connection speed.

    If waiting doesn't fix it, please follow the instructions to run the Support Tool and attach the resulting "support_data_pc.zip" or "support_data_mac.zip" to your next reply in this thread.
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