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400 Days (Season One DLC) review / discussion thread - SO MANY SPOILERS

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Hey guys, thanks for playing The Walking Dead: 400 Days! This thread is dedicated to all your spoilery review / general discussion goodness. Have at!

No need to tag spoilers here, the whole thread will be full of 'em. Looking for the spoiler-free thread? It's here.
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  • Before I played TWD: 400days I had decided to remind all choices I've done in 1st season.

    It was great to watching stats trailer from each episode then listening to the soundtrack and from that moment I started worrying if DLC won't destroy image of one of the greatest games I've ever played.
    And It didn't...

    I could fell amazing atmosphere of the Walking Dead again. Everyone can die, anything can happen.
    Dialogs were great and voice acting either.
    In so short period you were able to show us great stories and confront us with difficult choices...

    but lets be true

    It was tooooo short( even for DLC). You could show us more. You could show us what happened to them all before or/and after. e.g. 2 day- Vince was in the bus................... 398 days latter Vince was with the group. What happened to him, maybe something changed him. You said that stories may cross each other like in Pulp Fiction but you havent used that. ( I know that moment on cornfield, the broken car light, traces of blood, wound on Nates hand and so on but it didn't change how I fell about the story.)

    What about our choices from season one? I always say that choices in TWD change you, not outcome. But in that DLC you could use them very much. Christa, Omid, Lilly, Chuck... what happened to them before and after ( in few cases) they've met Lee. As Russell would said " What happend to I'll cov... We definitely recommend you playing season one 1st ( Why???) / 400 days will recognize choices you've made (in season one)" ( What for??? to seeing Carley once again- yeah it was nice but nothing more).

    Also in that DLC I could not fell connection with characters I've played. There weren't any moments to get to know them better.

    In summary: It didn't destroyed the image of one of the greatest games I've ever played cuz it was too short and not connected with season one at all.

    Yeah it is only a DLC and a bridge between seasons. You can show us more in season two. Maybe we will get to know those character better but I hope that there will be one strong protagonist and his/her great story.
  • I really hope they we get reunited with Kenny, Christa, Omid and of course little Clementine. It would make me really sad if we never see any of them again. But of course there was a few from the TV show we didn't see for a few seasons. I don't know. I just hope all the emotion that was invested in them isn't gone. But I have faith that Telltale will not do that. And something else I was wondering was if it is going to be a choose your hero type this time around. Where you could like pick which one from the group to play and you develop their story since we lost the main character in season one. There is just so much going on with 400 Days that I cannot read it well. So I will just continue to follow the game and see how this plays out.
  • [see signature for full review]
  • I agree, I have not seen such a good antagonist since Lilly her self, and she is in the middle of my dart board, for some reason I like Nate even though he is a sick man, He ranks op there with the Saint Johns and Crawford, just imagine if HE had kidnapped Clementine... I noticed all the improvements to, I guess that 45 million dollars went somewhere huh,

    Don't needs more kidnappeds of clem. if i see that again, i will not get the game. Don't want to see that same thing over and over.
  • I don't mean Clementine get kidnapped again, I mean just think if the events of Episode 5 was Nate and not Campman, may have been even better if that is even possible.
  • anyone else in russells playthrough choose to draw on nate? if you do and then say "im leaving your ass " nate apologizes for being a dick and says he will work on his first impressions. after that he doesn't seem like such a bad guy
  • anyone else in russells playthrough choose to draw on nate? if you do and then say "im leaving your ass " nate apologizes for being a dick and says he will work on his first impressions. after that he doesn't seem like such a bad guy

    Nate is a bro! He's Kenny version 2.0!
  • I give the episode a 10/10, just b/c how much content and quality you get for $5. :O

    Vince's story, I liked, but pissed me off. I didn't wanna save the asshole tax guy, and the other guy said he was possibly falsely accused of rape. But, with this choice, Vince won't go with you, and gotta do another play through. x_x

    Wyat's story wasn't bad. Tho, I got pissed when there was no way to wait for Eddie, then says "YOU LEFT HIM BEHIND, U MEAN JERK" X_X Hehe.

    Russel's story was interesting. Nate had one weeeird sociopathic personality, but, I can almost relate to how he turned that way, being alone in the apocalypse and all. As people said before, HE HAS SUCH GREAT POTENTIAL TO BE A SUPER COOL KENNY 2.0 T-T

    Fuckin' Bonnie story. Telltale went balls to wall on just making your jaw drop. Flirting with a guy, here comes the wife! And that fucking wack. OMFG. (Neat thing I noticed: if you're super honest to the guy, he comes with you, and takes the bag. If half-assed honest, he stays and suicides; Later in Shel's story they'll say they stole a lot of medicine(which was supposed to be in the bag)

    Shel's story I had a weird time with. That boss guy so reminded me of Andy from Episode 2, and I wanted to punch him in the face. >:| Feeding those walkers outside, WHAT DA FUQ, Hello, Day of the Dead. Just gave me a bad vibe on where they getting their meat! >.< I was upset where no matter what you do, the kid still ends up a bitch. >:| Well, less of a bitch in "good samaritan" playthrough.

    Good stuff, Telltale! Good stuff!
  • do you guys really think that because Vince doesnt cone with you you'll never see him again? also purely my opinion but playing through the gane again just to get desired outcomes feels like cheating to me. i know what to expect and what to say and it doesnt do me any favours in the long run. sure its fun to do it again to see what happens but like i did in season 1 i didnt re-do the stories until i conpleted the full season.
  • Does anyone know how to get Leland to come with you if you are honest, someone said it can be done, it may because I said to get over it he does not come, and if that is the truth then damn it I should be less honest, but I still have a little bit of Lee in me.
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