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Finished The Game Spoiler Free Thread

posted by ShiratoriNinjaBrat on - last edited - Viewed by 666 users
Umm yea that was bad ass awesome
and it sure went for a lot longer than i anticipated

However I'd like to add since the game had a cellshade quality to it
I'm hoping the upcoming Sam & Max seasons will have the same!!!!

Then it'll just end up matching the comics and the cartoons and gasp
HIT THE ROAD GRAPHICS.... oooooooo I can't wait!

plus it'll make the texturing job a hulluva lot easier maybe?
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  • first brit?
    maybe that should be an obscure trophy

  • No you weren't. I beat...

    the demo 3 hours ago
  • The demo huh? I beat the full game in 3 hours!
  • I just finished the game and haven't found all of the bonuses yet.

    I understand people complaining about the game, but I found it to be exactly what I think Homestar Runner in a videogame would be! The humor was funny and felt like I was watching an interactive long cartoon on I can't wait until Episode 2 and will buy it the day it comes out.
  • This game felt shorter than it was to me. It's probably because only one of the puzzles puzzled me enough to make me have to get up from the computer and think it over for a bit - something I do a lot with Sam and Max games. This usually makes the Sam and Max episode experience last a few days for me.

    The whole game felt very simple and linear...I'm a bit disappointed in that regard. But a lot of things are done right, and I do hope the rest of the season is better about difficulty.

    Also, I noticed that Hints are on Medium by default. At the start of the game I was messing with settings, and was a bit annoyed by this. I turned them down to low, and I still felt the game was....way too easy.
  • Beat it an hour back. I got it as soon as it released :D

    Glad the download servers could handle all of us crazy fans.
  • I beat it like, 10 minnutes ago:D. I sadly had to use the walkthrough when trying to get the records and the whole candy thing with the KOT.:( I probably would have beat it sooner, if I didn't have to go get groceries though. I'll get the bonuses some other time.:cool:
  • I used it the second time through cause I Wanted to find the bonuses I'd miss.
  • heavybassX;81366 said:
    I'm also glad to be the first Brit to actually BEAT the game... :D
    NAH! I AM! I am!
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