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IOS walking dead cannot restore purchases

posted by goff on - last edited - Viewed by 5.1K users
I have bough the mutipack bundle for the IOS walking dead Ipad. I deleted the apps because I need the space so I had to reinstall it. Once I have done it I need to restore the purchases, unfortunately ever time I did that. It still hasn't restore the purchases. What is going on ????
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    What are the options available on the Episodes screen?
  • I had deleted the game after finishing the 5 episodes. On the launch of 400 days, had to reinstall it, and now not only do I not have any saved games, but also all episodes show coming soon, and the only option of purchase is $19.99. Would I have to buy the episodes again and play them in order to link up with 400 days?? Is there no restore purchases and saved game option??
  • Same here. I had purchased all 5 episodes. When I finished the game I deleted it. Now I want 400 days, had to reinstall it, and all episodes 2-5 appear as "Coming Soon" on Episodes screen.
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    Please restart your device, ensure you have a strong internet connection, and log into your iTunes account and then launch the game again. You should then receive an automatic update that will flag all episodes as available.

    If you've already purchased the multipack (before 400 Days was released), you will have access to purchased episodes 2-5, but will need to purchase 400 Days separately if you wish to play it. Once you acquire the update mentioned above you can then select the Restore Purchases button or select each individual episode to reinstall them. As long as you are logged into the same account used to make the original purchase, you will not be charged again. If you originally purchased the multi-pack, please ensure you re-acquire this first before trying to download individual episodes, as they are considered a separate purchase.
  • Got it. Working fine.just bought 400 days. Looks amazing. Only problem, I don't think any earlier saved game/decisions would be included till I play the whole game again.
  • I've read the above, and tried to apply to my circumstances.

    1. I had the original first ep, and bought, downloaded and player 2-5.

    2. I updated the app, synced the update.

    3. NOTHING 400 Days related displayed.

    4. I deleted the app, reinstalled, and the previous episodes were showing as unpurchased. Still nothing 400 Days related anywhere.

    5. As suggested above, I "repurchased" the pack, and after authorising the purchase the app stated I had already bought them and was not charged again.

    6. So now I have Episode 1, and GET links on 2-5. At what point am I meant to be seeing a download or buy link for 400 Days?

    Any help greatly appreciated.
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