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How to post Strong Bad pictures in the forum!

posted by Jake Telltale Alumni on - last edited - Viewed by 1.2K users
So SBCG4AP lets you take pictures, and then, if you want, share them with others.

We have this forum here, and I thought that people might want to share some pics. Here's how you can use the forum's Album system to post your Strong Bad photos for everyone to see:

[*]Go to your Album page

[*]Be sure to add an album, and call it whatever you'd like. (I called mine My "SBCG4AP Pics")

[*]Click on your newly created album, and then click the Upload link at the bottom of the album. You'll be able to post up to 3 pictures at a time.

Looking for your photos? They're probably stored in your "My Documents" folder -- look in the "Telltale Games" folder in there.[/LIST]

That's not too hard! What can you do with the pictures afterwards?
  • Once a picture is uploaded, you can post it to a group, like the Strong Bad Photo Club


  • Or you can add it to a post, by pasting in the code provided on an image's page, which looks like:

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