Can I move the episode files to a secondary drive? [The Walking Dead]

Let me first explain my setup. I am using the Telltale Games (non-steam) PC version of The Walking Dead on Windows 7. My OS is installed on a small SSD with limited free space (mapped to the C:\ drive). Because of this fact, I install all my games onto a secondary HDD (mapped to the G:\ drive).

That said, I installed The Walking Dead to G:\Games\Telltale Games\The Walking Dead\. I had assumed naturally that when I would open the game as the Administrator and download new episodes they would go to the installation directory on the G:\ drive. However, the episode files are being installed to my Documents folder, which is on my SSD.

I do NOT want these files on my SSD, which has little space left as it is. Can I somehow move the episode files and any other files (like patch files) to the game's installation directory on my secondary drive?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    First, I just realized that this thread might be in the wrong place. Can an admin/mod move it under The Walking Dead support sub-forum?

    Second, I know this has to be possible. I tried moving the "C:\Users\...\Documents\Telltale Games\SyncFs\Data\WalkingDead102" folder (the whole folder, not its contents) to "G:\Games\Telltale Games\The Walking Dead\GameData\Pack\". Now, when I launch the game and log in, instead of going to the main menu screen, the game starts downloading Episode 2 automatically. When I look in "C:\Users\...\Documents\Telltale Games\SyncFs\Meta\" there is a new JSON file called "WalkingDead102.updated.json". So at least I know the game "sees" the episode 2 files on the G:\ drive.
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    There's no official way, but it works by using Filesystem features.
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    I greatly appreciate the help! Strange, though, that the game acknowledges the files under the "Pack" directory but refuses to use them, don't you think?
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