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whats your ethnicity

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  • I'm white. I'm fairly distantly Cherokee, and my last name is derived from German.

    I'm also related to Kit Carson and one of Davy Crockett's best friends.
  • Giant Tope;815978 said:
    I'm sorry if I said anything bad. It's been a rough couple of years trying to figure out who I am and how to live my life and as such I was very judgmental because I had no idea where the heck I was going.

    I understand impressions last a long time and that my past decisions already paint a negative portrait of myself that I likely will never be able to remove for many people. I really am sorry. You don't have to accept that, but I hope that it's at least something.
    I seem to recall being offended by something you wrote a few years ago, but that's long enough ago that I don't remember what it was about anymore, so no biggie. You're at that age where lots of stuff is changing, and brace yourself, 'cause it's not over yet.

    As far as ethnicity goes, I really don't know about myself - never cared that much. My father had an English surname and my mother had a German surname, if that's meaningful (not sure if it is).
  • I am Portuguese, native american and Italian.:cool:
  • I thought for sure that that link was to something Bruce Banner related. That last name is partly a dirty word in Norwegian.

    I don't know of any fancy ancestors of mine, but I'm pretty closely related to an olympic skater that I doubt anyone here has heard of.
  • Alcoremortis;816103 said:
    I'm somehow related to this guy.
    Well I'm somehow related to this guy. On my mother's side.
  • Jennifer;815072 said:
    That's me also. I'm Irish American with very pale skin. My father was 100% Irish (as far as back as a couple hundred years at least, since we know now that no one is 100% any ethnicity, since anatomically modern humans most likely originated out of Africa) and had the dark skin, dark hair Irish genes. I got the black hair, but I got the pale skin genes. My mother is Irish on her father's side (I traced my maternal grandfather's roots back to Northern Ireland when I researched my genealogy).

    Although, as I said before on these forums, my grandmother's lineage has been harder to research. :(

    There's a term people used in the United States in the 19th century and early 20th century called "Cherokee Princess" (there's actually no such thing as a Native American princess, although there are daughters of chiefs). I found out that it's a racist term that people used to use in order to make women of Native American (or in less common cases sometimes even African American) decent sound less "savage" (since Cherokees were considered the least "savage" of the Native American tribes, and a princess is someone a man could "bring home to meet his parents").

    Since all I know about my grandmother's grandmother is that she's a "Cherokee Princess" (since that's what my grandmother was told), thanks to racism, I don't know my lineage on my maternal grandmother's side. :( So, most likely my great great grandmother was Native American, but it's possible she was African American.
    Haha Yes I am mostly Irish but I have some Russian mixed in there from my mom. And I have inherited the dark hair/light eyes gene too :D
  • Rather Dashing;816138 said:
    Well I'm somehow related to this guy. On my mother's side.
    I'm apparently related to this guy. almost makes me want to skin a deer.
  • flesk;816112 said:
    I thought for sure that that link was to something Bruce Banner related.
    Well, if we want to get on that note, I've gone to both of the universities he got his PhD from (in normal and Ultimate universe). This was purely by accident.

    And I'm getting my PhD from the university he got his from in the standard canon.

    And my degree is partly in physics.

    And I'm staying in the same apartment (okay, okay... that's totally a lie. I'm in the one next door. XP)
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