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First This thread is based on the Rate the last game you finished & Rate the last movie you watched thread (Duh :p) Well we have a thread about rating movies and games so I thought it would be nice to have one for rating books as well. To make this clear its every kind of book. It can be a novel, It can be a Graphic Novel, It even be a comic book. I'm not sure which was the last book I read but I think it was Batman:Hush so.....

Batman:Hush 10/10

This is one of my favourite Batman graphic novels. The story is really good with Batman's enemies beginning to use new tactics which Batman notices does not fit the villain for example Poison Ivy brainwashes Catwoman to work for her. Batman is badly hurt during a chase causing one of Bruce Wayne's oldest friends Dr.Tomas Elliot to come and help him. Eventually its revealed that a new villain named Hush is the person who has been using the villains. The artwork is excellent in the novel and the story was great. There is also some great plot twists in it as well.


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    Because I'm civilized and intelligent I last read Polk good book good guy 5 stars
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    This thread makes me sad because I haven't been reading any books lately. Me, who used to go through a couple hundred a year, has read... two. Two books.

    I can't even remember what they were.

    I have read some interesting papers about ancient DNA, though. And four hundred Hulk comics. Does that count?
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    I'm not sure about the papers but again as I said, any kind of books including comics.
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    Does manga count? 'cause if so, that would be Chitose Get You!!, which is kind-of fun. I guess. Wouldn't really recommend people track it down though, it's not that great.
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    Yes Manga counts. Again any kind of book. Which means comics,novels,books,manga.
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    Mindhunter by John Douglas.
    As for rating? Oh I don't know. 5/10.
    It's non-fiction and neither contributor excels at writing, but the actual information and how the FBI behavioral science division formed and changed criminology, was quite interesting. Glad I read it, but it's not one of the psychology/sociology books I'd read over again.
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    Joyland by Stephen King

    Not enough mystery in this book. Too much coming-of-age.
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    I'm currently reading A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs. I haven't finished it yet but I've watched the movie "John Carter" (based off of the book) so I pretty much know what I'm expecting. So I would currently rate it a 9/10. Oh and I loved John Carter, hope they make a sequel, although it seems unlikely.:(
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    John Carter bombed hard. Someone would have to not only make a deal with the devil, but first scientifically prove that he existed, before there'd even be a remote chance of a sequel.

    Currently reading/read Back to the Vortex: Second Flight, "the unofficial and unauthorised guide to Doctor Who 2006", which is a staggeringly well-researched look at the events leading up to, and including, the 2006 series of Doctor Who. I read the one for the Eccleston year and it was shockingly heavy on text but surprisingly interesting.

    Recommended if you're into that sort of thing (and it's always fun to hear people slag off "Love and Monsters".
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    Sonic:Genesis-9/10. The book has about 5 and a half issues of the Archie Sonic series and it reprints the Genesis story arc. The issues is the second half of Issue 225, Issue 226 which has the story In The Beginning, Issue 227 Friends & Fate, Issue 228 with Divide & Conquer, Issue 229 with Reset, and finally Issue 230 with Two Steps Back.

    The story is Issues 225-230 which tells the Genesis story arc where
    Eggman resets Mobius and makes it resemble the Genesis games with animals, characters like Rotor having his name become Boomer from the first issues, Tails is younger, and Eggman is in his old Genesis design. He reset the planet so he can robotize it once again. Throughout the story Sonic & Sally begin recalling memories of the other Mobius. Finally in Issue 229 Sonic gets a ride to the Death egg where he and Eggman fight only for Sonic to turn Super Sonic and use chaos control to reset the planet to normal. Still Sonic is not finished. He saves Sally when she is about to be killed by a machine gun and must fight off both Silver Sonic and Metal Sonic while Sally tries to stop the world robotizer. Sally as a last resort to save everyone reverts the beam to the death egg saving Mobius and damaging the Death egg. Sonic begins gloating to Eggman in the damaged Death Egg when suddenly a robot hand smashes through a piece of metal and to Sonic's horror he sees a robotized Sally who will serve Eggman which leads into the current story arc right now.

    The art as always was great and the story was fantastic. It has some nice bonus features at the end with some concept art but It was a little disappointing they didn't include the Off-Panel parts as they were funny little jokes to have at the end of the comics. Anyway the book was great.
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    I had this discussion with my sister the other day, and I was shocked to realise that I can't actually remember the last book I read. I can remember reading "A final Odyssey" this time last year, but that's it. I can remember reading 6 or 7 books since, but I have no idea what they were.
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    Sonic The Hedgehog Issue 251, Worlds Collide Part 12, Best of the Best- 9/10

    Following the events of Sonic Universe Issue 54. Eggman and Wily have captured Sonic and Mega Man and plan to wipe them both from existence with the Super Genesis Wave. They mock them by saying that they have no escape. Duo is tied up with Chaos mixed with one of Wily's machines and Proto Man,Rush,Dr.Light and Sonic's friends are fighting in a battle that they can't win against time cloned Robot Masters. But suddenly it turns out Roll comes through having sent the first 8 Robot Masters to help giving Knuckles,Proto Man,Rush and Dr.Light a window of time to save Sonic & Mega Man. Light saves Rock and Sonic while Knuckles and Proto man begin attacking Eggman and Wily. Now they would have been able to beat Proto Man and Knuckles extremely easily but since they both betrayed each other and disabled the weapons and defenses. This gives Knuckles and Blues the perfect time to smash their way into the robot. Unfortunately just as Knuckles was about to smash it open, the two doctors managed to get the robot working again and it self repairs itself. It appears that the heroes have lost. Dr.Light can't stop the Super Genesis wave, Knuckles and Proto Man failed when they attempted to smash open the robot. But during the time Wily and Eggman were distracted, Sonic and Mega Man managed to reach the chaos emeralds and transform into their super forms.

    Wily and Eggman in a panic, begin throwing every defense and weapon they have at the two as the genesis wave happens to everyone in the background. The doctors weapons don't even leave a scratch on the two as they destroy the robot once and for all and Sonic teaches Rock how to use Chaos Control to restore their worlds. He says they have to be completely focused. Wily thinks everything in perspective and says everything they did was all for nothing and as Eggman decides he won't fail again begins activating the rockets in the head. Surprisingly Wily tells Eggman to show some Grace and Dignity even though they lost but Eggman basically shows how crazy he is. Wily is ejected from the machine as Eggman rams into Super Sonic. Sonic tells Rock to restore his world before its too late and Rock thanks Super Sonic and saves his own world. Eggman truly shows how evil and crazy he is saying ''If the universe can't be his way, then no one gets it.'' Sonic knows its now or nothing and uses Chaos Control on his world but it has a completely different effect. Instead of fading to white like in the Genesis arc or how it worked for Rock, Instead it looks like white rips are coming from Sonic's world as Eggman mutters ''That doesn't look right....'' and Sonic panics asking what has Eggman done.

    The story was a pretty good way to end the entire arc. Its got me extremely excited to see the aftermath of
    the messed up Chaos Control on Sonic's world
    Apart from that. We see how Wily and Eggman's friendship has been destroyed while Sonic and Mega Man's friendship became stong, basically a complete difference from the start of the arc where Wily & Eggman were like best friends and Mega Man & Sonic was fighting. It was cool seeing Mega Man turn into a super form and what he can do in it, but this issue shows a key difference between Wily and Eggman. Wily while wanting to take over the world does not go to extreme lengths (Well extremely extreme lengths) like Eggman did when he
    attempted to kill Dr.Light and when he attacked Super Sonic in an attempt to save their world

    The Art was also pretty good in this issue, it was at its best when Super Sonic and Super Mega Man was fighting Wily and Eggman's machine. I also really like the cover of this issue.
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    The Concrete Blonde

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    The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century 1969 (Alan Moore) - 7/10

    Decent enough, but League has never been my favorite of Moore's works. It seems to have become very dense with esoteric literary references that you feel lost for not catching. I guess that would be fine if I liked the stories better. I also have always hated the art in the series.

    This one even has "Harry Potter" characters as well as some references to HBO's The Wire. I am definitely looking forward to reading the 2009 volume, as I should be much more familiar with the references.
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    Farewell, My Lovely by Raymond Chandler, 8/10

    Awesome '30s mystery book. I heard there was a movie adaptation with the awesome Robert Mitchum as Marlowe, but I haven't seen it yet. Very exciting detective story, nonetheless. After I finished it I bought The Big Sleep, which is the first book in the Phil Marlowe series, with Farewell being the second, I think. Gonna start that one soon.
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    JuntMonkey wrote: »
    I guess that would be fine if I liked the stories better. I also have always hated the art in the series.
    This explains why I never got into the series. There's just something about dat art...

    Last read the supplementary booklet from American McGee's Alice, which is the diary of the doctor treating her. God I miss when games had these sorts of things - it's a really well-written extra and does a lot to help set the scene for the game. Wish I had an iPhone so I could play the one they did for Madness Returns.

    I'm searching for a better version online, but for now you can read it on the Wiki.

    EDIT: PDF version.
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    I'm not sure which was the last book I read but I think it was....

    Sonic Universe Vol 1 The Shadow Saga.

    This book collects the first story arc of Sonic Universe, The Shadow arc. It has Issues 1-4.

    The story starts out in the first issue where Shadow and Metal Sonic 3.0 suddenly teleport into Blaze's world. Shadow attempts to get Metal Sonic to betray Eggman and help him but Metal Sonic responds by kicking Shadow into the ocean after scanning him to find out his shoes only allow him to fly and he can barely swim. Shadow is saved by Blaze and Marine who happen to be sailing where Shadow was. After being picked up, Blaze introduces themselves and Shadow introduces himself. Blaze explains the story of the comic's versions of Sonic Rush and Rush Adventure only for Marine to jump in and come up with bullcrap that she was the one who made the ship that took Sonic and Tails home and how she was the leader of the adventure.

    The three arrive back at Blaze's village where they find Metal Sonic attacking the villagers in an attempt to find out where Eggman Nega is. Shadow says he will attempt to talk Metal Sonic down only for Blaze to attack Metal Sonic in anger for attacking the villagers. Using some teamwork they manage to destory Metal Sonic with Marine finishing him off with a cannonball. But Shadow annoyed tells her that Metal Sonic had the only teleporter that could take him home and asks for Marine to build him a ship but Marine admits Tails did it which has a pretty damn funny reaction from Shadow. He doesn't say a word but the reaction is very funny. Blaze gives Shadow the chaos emerald allowing him to return home.

    Issue 2 is about Rouge and Shadow on a mission to stop a giant cannon Eggman has built which will destory the freedom fighters if its not stopped and along the way, they recruit Sonic into helping them. The three work together to attempt to destroy the cannon as there is some flashbacks to the events of Sonic Adventure 2. They first attempt to move the cannon but it ends up putting it right into place for attacking the Freedom Fighters But they manage to destroy it before it goes off.

    Issue 3 has Shadow being sent by G.U.N to find Gamma who has been wandering the world helping people but is starting to get badly damaged. At the same time Eggman wants Gamma destroyed for his betrayal and reactivates his latest in the E-100 series. E103-Omega and he gives Omega the order to destroy Gamma. Shadow manages to find Gamma first only for Omega to start his attack as Shadow and Gamma attempt to get to the G.U.N base. Shadow does a spindash but it backfires as Omega launches him away and goes after Gamma while taunting him. He taunts him on his speed, his gun, and his abilities. Gamma returns his taunts though saying that he has stealth and he works as an assassin. Gamma manages to take Omega down but he recovers almost right after and before he destroys Gamma, they talk. Gamma is destroyed but before he was, he managed to send his free will that he gained from Amy in Sonic Adventure to Omega causing Omega to go against Eggman and join Shadow and G.U.N.

    Issue 4 has Shadow, and Rouge go into the special zone to attempt to get a chaos emerald only to be stopped by some giant creature named Feist who has complete control over the zone. He gives Shadow and Rouge a challenge, to go through a puzzle and get a Chaos emerald. He is sneaky about it though, giving them 1 minute then saying they wasted 30 seconds of that minute. Just as there is one second to go, Rouge almost gets the emerald but its too late as they are suddenly throw back out of the special zone. Shadow leaves disappointed in himself believing its his fault for not being strong enough in the last 4 issues. Omega and Shadow fight and train while Omega attempts to find out what happened only for Shadow to respond in grunts. He said he was given clearance to join Rouge and Shadow in the special zone but Shadow just leaves still angry and disappointed. Hope manages to find Shadow up in a hidden area and they talk as Shadow explains since he was built as the ultimate lifeform he shouldn't fail. Hope sadly tells him he has an excuse saying she failed worse than him because she let Snively (Her older step-brother and Eggman's nephew) into tricking her to leave the freedom fighters and she feels she can't face them now even though they took her in and made her part of their family. Shadow says its not her fault because no one could have seen the attack coming (For people who don't know. The attack was a arc in issues 175-178 where Eggman sneak attacked the freedom fighters capturing their familys and everyone other than Sonic,Tails,Knuckles and Amy and destroyed their home village and he attempted to drain them of their life energy to power his Egg fleet but Sonic and the others saved their friends and stopped him) and Hope tells Shadow that now, Shadow knows Feist's tricks and weakness's. Team Dark teleport back to the special zone and Feist taunts them and makes a maze which seems to be something like the special stages in Sonic 1. Rouge,Shadow, and Omega split up and find the emerald. Shadow attempts to get it but a crystal shield blocks him from the emerald but Omega blasts it but they are too late again. But they have a plan B as Omega shoots every weapon he has at Feist as Shadow and Rouge get the emerald and Team Dark teleport out of the special zone before Feist attacks. Shadow tells Team Dark that they did good work as Hope and the G.U.N commander also tell them good work. Then the issue ends with showing the next Sonic Universe Arc, Mobius:30 Years Later.

    Personally I liked the arc and My favourite issue was probably Issue 3 because I liked the story with Gamma and Omega. It expands Gamma's character from Sonic Adventure and It was a good way to introduce Omega.

    The art is good as usual and It was a good story for a Shadow story arc and it has a way better Shadow focused story than another certain game that focused on Shadow...

    Anyway I would give it an 8/10
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    Lone Survivor: The Eyewitness Account of Operation Red Wings And The Lost Heroes Of SEAL Team 10 10/10
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    er oh god what have I read since Polk?

    Geek Tragedy - 5/5
    Death is Forever - 3/5
    Destiny of the Republic; Madness, Medicine, and the Murder of a President - 5/5
    DVD Extras Include: Murder - 5/5
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    I'm not sure what was the last book I've read so I'll rate Mega Man 28

    Mega Man Issue 28-

    Story:After the events of Worlds Collide, Mega Man reawakes from the rewrite to his normal world with him or anyone else from his world having no memory of the events of Worlds Collide. He finds himself where he left off in issue 23, fighting Proto Man on his birthday. Mega Man notices that he has no damage and the 8 robot masters have no damage, his memory banks are also blank for a few hours (Again the events of Worlds Collide) Anyway the fight between Proto Man and Mega Man starts once again as it goes to Dr.Wily who has no memory of Worlds Collide ether other than wanting to stomp on some eggs (Again Eggman & Wily's betray of each other in Worlds Collide). Anyway Wily sees a test log on his computer about his master plan of holding the world's electric hostage by using a world wide EMP. But Ra Moon betrays Wily and reveals his backstory that he awaited for when the world would become smart enough so he can cause a world wide panic and when Wily found and repowered him, he had finally gotten what he needed. Ra Moon reveals he intends to disable every robot master not serving him, (Any robot masters that was rebuilt and serving him will not be affected by the EMP.), every computer leaving nothing but weapons. Wily is completely locked out of commanding his robot masters or anything and in a panic he runs hoping to build something to help fast. Meanwhile at the fight. Dr.Light reveals to Roll that Break Man/Proto Man is their long lost brother Blues who Rock,Roll, and Dr.Light believed to be destroyed. Roll rushes to the top of the building where she reveals that Blues is their brother leaving Mega Man shocked as Break Man charges his arm cannon to get a surprise shot at Rock. Roll quickly grabs Rock and takes the cannon blast for him leaving her knocked out. Suddenly the EMP goes off and starts disabling everything that runs on electric except robot masters rebuilt by Ra Moon. Soon most robot masters not rebuilt by Ra Moon like Splash Woman,Quake Woman,Auto etc, Also everything electric is powered down and soon the EMP hits Mega Man and the 8 Robot Masters. Mega Man is disabled with Roll in his arms as Proto Man looks over Mega City from the building seeing the destruction of the EMP.

    My thoughts is that the first the issue is darker than usual and its nice to be getting a dark story arc. The last page was a good cliffhanger showing Proto Man looking at the city as the chaos from the EMP is causing a lot of destruction. In my opinion the issue would probably be an 8/10.

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