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Molly in season 2

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Here's a question that I don't think that has been asked yet until now; Do you want to see Molly in season 2 and be around longer or no?

As for me, I'm hoping that she returns and stays in the group longer than just one episode. True, she may not be much of a team player, but I think being around Lee and his group helped changed that (if Lee was sympathetic about her sister and she was saved at Crawford)
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  • Nope. Never was a fan of characters with that kind of attitude and personality, and her whole character seemed like an anime archetype in comparison to the others. She overall seemed out of place, and of course she had to be given a sympathetic side at the last second. If she does make an appearance, hopefully she's changed a bit, otherwise I could go on without her.

    Contrary to everyone else's opinions, I think a ninja-esque lone warrior could fit into the game, but they'd need a different personality. My thoughts.
  • I didn't like Molly until she relinquished her place on the boat and then I felt like an complete shithead for thinking badly of her the whole time and wanting her to get the fuck back to Mirror's Edge, or wherever it was she came from.

    She's good value, I suppose, but I'd only want a cameo.
  • I don't understand why so many people always complain about Molly's acrobatics being unrealistic. There are people who can do that kind of thing in real life. Ever heard of parkour? Her being able to move like that is probably why she survived for so long on her own. It's a pretty valuable skill to have in a zombie apocalypse.

    If you want to talk about realism, the thing that took me out of it was Lee cutting off his own arm and then, rather than dying or being incapacitated by the pain and blood loss of such thing, goes on to run through the city, single-handedly (no pun intended) chop through an entire street full of walkers, and wrestle a man to the ground. So no, Molly's acrobatics aren't even the most unrealistic thing in this game.

    Personally, I loved Molly. At that point, it was pretty darn clear that Kenny and Ben couldn't be trusted, so it was frankly a bit refreshing to bring in a lighter character. At the same time, you can tell that there's a lot more to her than the nonchalant attitude she hides behind. She could have made a great character if we'd had a little more time to get to know her.

    I'm hoping that Molly is the protagonist for Season 2, or at least has a major role. I don't know how realistic that is, but I can always hope.
  • anonymau5;775592 said:
    Molly could put Clem in a backpack like Yoda and Luke in episode V
    Hahahah make it happen TellTale!!!
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    OlgaSedova BANNED
    I hope so. Molly is awesome!
  • Well, seeing as Bonnie always goes to the community and she's voiced by Erin Yvette, the same person who voices Molly, I'd say we have pretty high chances of having at least a small appearance of her.
  • I agree, I do not see why Molly can not show up even if it's only for a cameo or maybe half a Episode.
  • I wouldn't like to see Molly in Season 2.
    The only reason is that she's in Savannah and I wouldn't like season 2 taking place anywhere near that place.
  • Mark$man;774320 said:
    She got me the first time because I was one handed on a PS3 controller. There was no way I was doing that xD. I don't like her that much. I mean yeah, she, as a person is fucking awesome. However, she doesn't completely fill the whole Kirkman ZA image. She just handles herself too well. She seems to have basically infinte stamina, strength, and endurence. She picks Lee up, and catches him while he was in mid-air. She climbs buildings using an ice pick. she is able to do such great aerobatics and gymnastics. No offense, but it doesn't seem realistic. She shows to have weaknesses, but compared to Lee's and Kenny's and the others, hers are minimal. I'd like to see her again, but only for maybe an episode or two
    Yeah this. It was like a superhero cameo, completely over the top and ridiculous.
  • And the Dead walking the earth and not rotting away as fast as they do, and the military with tanks and ships loses to things that walk at 5 miles a hour, that is so not ridiculous, just saying there have been stranger things in the Walking Dead.
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