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Rate the last book you read!

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First This thread is based on the Rate the last game you finished & Rate the last movie you watched thread (Duh :p) Well we have a thread about rating movies and games so I thought it would be nice to have one for rating books as well. To make this clear its every kind of book. It can be a novel, It can be a Graphic Novel, It even be a comic book. I'm not sure which was the last book I read but I think it was Batman:Hush so.....

Batman:Hush 10/10

This is one of my favourite Batman graphic novels. The story is really good with Batman's enemies beginning to use new tactics which Batman notices does not fit the villain for example Poison Ivy brainwashes Catwoman to work for her. Batman is badly hurt during a chase causing one of Bruce Wayne's oldest friends Dr.Tomas Elliot to come and help him. Eventually its revealed that a new villain named Hush is the person who has been using the villains. The artwork is excellent in the novel and the story was great. There is also some great plot twists in it as well.
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  • Because I'm civilized and intelligent I last read Polk good book good guy 5 stars
  • This thread makes me sad because I haven't been reading any books lately. Me, who used to go through a couple hundred a year, has read... two. Two books.

    I can't even remember what they were.

    I have read some interesting papers about ancient DNA, though. And four hundred Hulk comics. Does that count?
  • I'm not sure about the papers but again as I said, any kind of books including comics.
  • Does manga count? 'cause if so, that would be Chitose Get You!!, which is kind-of fun. I guess. Wouldn't really recommend people track it down though, it's not that great.
  • Yes Manga counts. Again any kind of book. Which means comics,novels,books,manga.
  • Mindhunter by John Douglas.
    As for rating? Oh I don't know. 5/10.
    It's non-fiction and neither contributor excels at writing, but the actual information and how the FBI behavioral science division formed and changed criminology, was quite interesting. Glad I read it, but it's not one of the psychology/sociology books I'd read over again.
  • Joyland by Stephen King

    Not enough mystery in this book. Too much coming-of-age.
  • I'm currently reading A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs. I haven't finished it yet but I've watched the movie "John Carter" (based off of the book) so I pretty much know what I'm expecting. So I would currently rate it a 9/10. Oh and I loved John Carter, hope they make a sequel, although it seems unlikely.:(
  • John Carter bombed hard. Someone would have to not only make a deal with the devil, but first scientifically prove that he existed, before there'd even be a remote chance of a sequel.

    Currently reading/read Back to the Vortex: Second Flight, "the unofficial and unauthorised guide to Doctor Who 2006", which is a staggeringly well-researched look at the events leading up to, and including, the 2006 series of Doctor Who. I read the one for the Eccleston year and it was shockingly heavy on text but surprisingly interesting.

    Recommended if you're into that sort of thing (and it's always fun to hear people slag off "Love and Monsters".
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