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The Nintendo Entertainment Thread

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To avoid the risk of being lost in the vast sea of the WOYM thread, this is a thread for talking about various things Nintendo related.

Anyway... I looked online yesterday to see about the WiiU's ability to play Wii titles, as well as whether Gamecube titles are downloadable from the WiiU eShop, and was met with disappoint on two fronts.

First, if you want to transfer Wii VC purchases to WiiU, you won't be using the WiiU eShop, but rather the Wii Shop Channel on the WiiU's Wii emulator. This means your Wii VC games don't support the WiiU game pad (since the Wii emulator doesn't) as well your Wii VC title are eternally separated from WiiU eShop titles.

Second, the WiiU doesn't have a Gamecube controller port, which means it doesn't support Gamecube titles AT ALL. This despite the Wii supporting many of every past Nintendo console's games (via emulation).

The Wii used an emulator to play Gamecube games, but it was completely transparent. It seems that Nintendo really have half-assed their newest console in more ways than crappy marketing.
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  • I wouldn't expect the Wii U to support GameCube discs but supporting GameCube downloads ought to be a given since Nintendo has downloadable titles from all their other set top consoles. It first seemed to me that lack of a Gamecube port meant lack of support altogether (since the Gamecube controller is fairly different from the classic controller) but it turns out you just need an adapter. Albeit all such adapters are third-party.

    I like the idea of keeping my stuff all in one place. Sort of a one-console-to-rule-them-all type of thing. I just don't have the shelf space for 5 Nintendo consoles, 3 PlayStation consoles and a Dreamcast. And then, having digitally downloadable content spread out in several separate locations would seem to defeat the purpose of it. That purpose being convenience and ease of use. The entire idea seems stupid on WiiU though, with the fact that older Virtual Console titles are put into the Wii emulator which again leaves me wondering where the heck I put my game.

    I knew about Wii's GCN mode. That is to say that I have Homebrew on my Wii and am well aware of why external HDDs won't work for storing GCN roms. I did do research; I just apparently didn't ask Google the right question at first regarding WiiU's Gamecube controller compatability.

    Also, in comparing Nintendo's backward compatability to MS or Sony, it occurs to me that Microsoft is on their 3rd console; Sony their 4th; Nintendo is on their 6th. Nintendo has a lot more diverse content to pull from (yes PS2's library is huge, but it's only the one system.) So for Nintendo to have a huge digital catalogue of classic games would seem to me to be a strong selling point for them. Not so if you can't keep it all in one place...
  • I currently have a Gamecube with a Game Boy Player, two N64s [grey and purple, the purple I want to turn into a Majora themed console], an NES, a Wii, a 3DS, a Gameboy Advance SP, and a DS Phat. I'm definitely not hurting for Nintendo games to play, and all the best ones currently are coming out for 3DS anyway.
  • The 3DS is just THE console right now. Just gems everywhere! :D
  • RetroVortex;813755 said:
    The 3DS is just THE console right now. Just gems everywhere! :D
    Yes it is. So happy with mine.:)
    Now if only the'd put the GBA slot back into the XL. Or release the GBA games on the e-store to the public.
    Also I want a new 2D Metroid badly.
  • I do like my 3DS but I can't pretend I've used it for anything other than animal crossing...
  • I hope they bring GBA games to the eshop as well. Personally hoping for Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga, Sonic Advance 1-3, Sonic Battle, Zelda The Minish Cap, Donkey Kong Country, Metroid Fusion, Kirby & the Amazing Mirror, and Wario Ware
  • Here are this year's club Nintendo platinum/gold rewards


    I'm going for the Majora's Mask soundtrack!
  • Zip-a-dee-doo-dah. Never buy enough games to earn coins for cool shit.
  • Why have they announced Wario Land 3 for the 3DS in today's Nintendo Direct? It's already out. I bought it over a month ago...
    Also they released Super Mario Bros 2 (the painted over flop game edition) on the eShop. Why?
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    Jennifer Moderator
    der_ketzer;831800 said:
    Also they released Super Mario Bros 2 (the painted over flop game edition) on the eShop. Why?
    Probably because it was the third highest selling game on NES at the time of it's release. And, it's just a whole lot of fun. It's one of my favorite NES games.

    Although I'd rather see a sequel. It's way past due for a return to Subcon.
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