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what if the roles were reversed

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Please don't kill me when i say this but ...... what if Clementine got bit instead Lee ?
Lee wakes up in the morning and hears Clem screaming and he goes outside and sees her getting kidnapped by Campman near the trash cans , Lee grabs Campman and kills him but then the walker near the trash cans appears and attacks Clem , Lee kills it but than he looks at Clem with horror because there is a bite mark on Clem's arm .
Kenny , Ben ( if you save him ) , Omid and Christa show up and you have to decide if you show everybody her bite or not , after that Lee decides to find Vernon because he thinks he might have something to help Clementine and of course see if everybody comes along and when they arrive at the morgue Clem faints and Lee is stressed because he doesn't want her to become a walker and so there is the decision cut her arm off or not .
When they arrive they see that the boat got stolen by Vernon and when the walkers attack they get in the attic and Clementine tells Lee that before she dies she wants to search for her parents , Lee tells her that she isn't going to die but wants to find her parents .
Of course Ben still dies but Kenny doesn't die for example if you shot Duck and not let Kenny do it than he shoots Ben because he doesn't want him to suffer of being eaten and he escapes with Lee and he tells Lee that when the time comes he wants to do the job for Lee because he owns Lee for shooting his son for him but than Lee punches him because he says that Clementine isn't going to die because it is a scratch but than he looks at Clem and she looks weaker . Or if you let Kenny shot his son than he will die with Ben and if you don't save Ben when Lee accidently drops the walkie-talkie he wants to get it but Clem tells him that she doesn't need it anymore because she is going to die .
When they reach the Marsh House , Lee , Clem and Kenny get separated from Omid and Christa and when they go inside they can't find her parents and Lee sees Clementine coughing up blood and Kenny tells him that it's time and Lee unfortunately has to accept it , when a walker shows up it doesn't attack Clem because she smells like a walker and Lee covers himself and Kenny in blood and when they get out Clem sees her dead parents and faints and Lee drags her in the jewelry store with Kenny .
Clementine is near death and Lee begins to cry because he is losing the girl who treated her like his own daughter but Clem tells him to not cry because she is going to be with her family again and Lee has a decision to make : shoot her , leave her to die or have Kenny to shot her . Of Course Kenny tells Lee that he is going to put her out of her misery like Lee did for Duck and Clementine dies and both Lee and Kenny manage to escape and get to country side and Lee is devastated and than they see the two strangers on the hill and the game ends .
So yeah this is pretty much the same scenario but instead of Lee being bitten it is Clementine and also changing Kenny's fate . yeah this would of been really sad for Lee and Clem and it would show everybody that no one is safe .
So how would you guys feel if Clem got bit instead of Lee ?
And what are the options that you guys would choose if this happened ?
Showing Clementine's bite or not
Cutting her arm or not
Shoot her , leave her or let Kenny shoot her
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  • I'd probably show everyone Clem's bite, since I showed my own. That, plus when Duck's bite was discovered Kenny and Kat told me. I don't know if I'd be able to cut Clem's arm off, but I might even though I kept Lee's arm. Anything to save her. The last one is equally as tough. I'd like to put Clem out of her misery myself, but I could barely pull the trigger when it was Duck, and I had only liked him since the Batman and Robin thing an hour earlier. Since I did, eventually, shoot Duck, I really like the way that Kenny would be doing for me what I did for him in Episode 3. We were bros, and having him take that burden for me, like I did for him, would be a real bro moment.
  • I tell you, whole neighbourhood would know how I feel, because I would scream NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (... x25) OOOOOO just that loud and long. It'd be a reason to go and get drunk.

    Showing the bite?
    No, who knows if some of the others jump to crazy conclusions, or take "precautions."

    Cutting off the arm?
    Yes, with a sick feeling in my stomatch, but still... yes, because there's nothing to lose... is there?

    And in her last few moments I'd shoot her. I'd appreciate Kenny asking, but it isn't him who should do it, it is I who failed to protect her, so it shall be my duty to finish what I screwed up, at least that's how I see it. Leaving her to die is not an option for me.
  • If the roles were reversed, I would let Clem eat me and I would let her eat everyone else too, Kenny, Carley, Sean...everyone. I would probably even go look for that cop that tried to take me to prison, he needs to get some of this as well(I would be too distraught for anything else...)
  • Dude... that would have made an even more emotional, sad, crazy episode. I don't know if I'd even be on these forums if that happened, I'd be seriously messed up...

    I'd show the bite definitely, and I'd cut the arm off immediately. I'd hate to put her in such pain, but surely is better than the alternative. When she starts to die, I'd shoot her myself. I'd rather rid of the burden on my own, and to say goodbye to her the right way, bravely and without assistance. I might cry, I might be little shaky, but I'd kill her myself.

    If there is one thing I'd love about this alternative, is that Lee and KENNY are alive :D Although... that'd just give leeway for worse endings next season. God dammit, man! This is terrible just to think about!
  • Too messed up to even think about
  • Well, for starters this forums would be a dead zone of hate and Telltale would have been burned down by someone, and this would go down as the saddest moment of that year and of gaming ever.
  • Now i added a poll . For those who don't know about this thread , read it and then vote .
  • Honesty, Drastic measures and Mercy Killing
    I actually left Lee when Lee was bitten but I don't think Lee could ever get over Clem at all and wouldn't be able to allow her to turn...
  • Also the credits scene instead of the song " Take Us Back " it would show Lee and Kenny ( or Lee himself if you let Kenny shot Duck and he dies with Ben ) escaping Savannah and while they are escaping Lee is crying and he is having flashbacks of his moments with Clementine like their first encounter , their sweet moments in the drugstore , him giving her food , pushing her on the swing , teaching her how to use a gun , and the flashbacks would end up with Lee and Clementine in the RV with Lee saying " I'm glad i have you " and Clem " Me too " .
  • Where's the "Let Clementine choose" option?
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