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The Last Item You Purchased?

posted by Hayden on - last edited - Viewed by 80.8K users
What was it? Whether it was a packet of chips, a video game, a CD, a magazine, a gun, a flower, a yacht or an island, post it here.

My most recent purchase was a CD - Dream Theater's "Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence".
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  • watertommyz;817777 said:
    For 1.99, I bought this today and am playing through it now;
    That's $20 more than you should have spent.
  • Darth Marsden;817794 said:
    Oh you poor, poor madman. What on earth possessed you to purchase that?
    Because survival horror mechanics are sadly misunderstood by most reviewers. It's the same thing that possessed me to purchase Silent Hill Downpour, which was actually a pretty good survival horror game. Not exactly the best Silent Hill, but it's still very much a good survival horror game.

    Also, it really isn't that bad. Lots of good stealth, and planning to do in Amy. You know, stuff missing from just about every modern game that claims to be a survival horror series. Looking at you, Resident Evil.
    Rather Dashing;817865 said:
    That's $20 more than you should have spent.
    I got it off the psn, so it was practically free as I had already had money in my account to use. Seriously, for survival horror fans it's not that bad. For Call of Duty fans, yeah I can see how they would hate it.

    Also, they fixed a lot of bugs and criticisms with a update, so I haven't really experienced anything all that bad. Combat is about as good as it is in any classic Silent Hill game.
  • corruptbiggins;817732 said:
    More Steam games.

    I'm just going to wait until the end of the sale and then just put up the list. Probably scare myself with it too.
    Same. So far I've pretty much just bought games I wasn't really planning on getting, so I'll cut into my wishlist during the last few days of the sale. Ditto on the probable scare as well.
  • Portal 2, Terarria and Kerbal Space Programme...
    I think I have been fairly good at this Steam Sale thing KSP is the only thing I've bought above £10...
  • I don't think I've spent more than £10 on any single item, but overall I've spent about £50 (so far).

    Case in point: last bought Assassin's Creed: Revelations - Gold Edition (includes the DLC). It was under my limit of a fiver, and I did want it, so...
  • A Nvidia GeForce 8300 GS graphics card.


    It's the same card I've been trying to upgrade from for a couple years, it's a piece of shit, it's five years obsolete, and I had to buy one used (apparently parted out from a working machine sold at auction), but it's the only card I know for certain works in my machine without having to resurrect Avistew's graphics card thread to ask you guys for help, and it was only $30.
  • I feel like you could have done a lot better while still spending $30 for a PCI-Express x16 card.
  • Probably, but I had my dad in a rare place where he was willing to buy the part (possibly because his laptop just totally died and he had to buy a new one, so he may have felt bad about my computer still being busted), and I didn't have time to do the research. As soon as I have a job, upgrading the card will be on my list of priorities.
  • Alright, that makes sense. I didn't say it to be dickish, I just wanted to get the idea out there in case you paid yourself and were in a position to get a refund and put the same amount to better use.
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